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Lou's WW thread


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Hi everyone

Im new here, i finally made my way

I have been successful on WW in the past in 2004 i went from 15 stone nearly to 10.13 :D
It took a long time and over the past year i have relaxed a bit as i did feel i had been dieting forever and had enough but slowly the weight is creeping back up and im at 12.7 now and have re joined the gym and decided now is the time to finnish my journey. ;)

I know the reason i have put on the weight is bad habits have been creeping back in and when i tell myself im on a diet i crave everything i shouldnt have so back to WW where nothing is off limits and with the added gym points i should be finding it easy, it will be nice to be able to come here and just waffle if i feel like a dip in willpower and have just gotten a couple of pointers from the thread about low point snacks

I have started weighing myself at home on a Monday so will post my results here

Start - 12.7
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hey well done for coming back - i enjoy w.w!

i have a long way to go but i am getting there - are you on points or core?
i am on points!
enjoy your time and goodluck with weight lost -
keep us informed xx


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:wavey: Im doing the points plan

I found the reason i got fed up last time was i was eating the same things night after night, grilled chicken and veg and i was bored i think but this time i have bought a few cook books for inspiration and adapted some of the recipies to be low fat and worked out the points for them so a few days a week i feel like i have eaten something special
Hi Lou, welcome to the forum.

I'll look forward to seeing how you get on!

This forum is a huge help so I'm sure you'll be glad you found it. There isn't a massive group of us, but that's kind of nice because it means people get to know each other quickly - it's a nice friendly familiar support to have.

I was really carving something naughty about an hour ago, so I logged onto here and it's kept me away from the kitchen for a while - always a good thing! Lol!

Good luck with your journey!

How much are you hoping to lose?
Hi all

Have had a good week, i have lost 4lb :D

I am hoping to get to between 10 and 10.7 and stay there - i have bought 3 new cookbooks from the BBC good food to get some inspiration for dishes that go together and they have been filling me up - also thnakyou to whoever mentioned rainbow drops :D they have saved me this week :giggle:
Hi guys

Well i went to the gym again today and checked my weight ( they have an all singing all dancing one that runs a small current through you to tell you what is fat and what is muscle ) and i am lighter on them than my scales indoors. I know i should only be using one set BUT do you think the gym ones are likely to be more acurate in which case from now on i will stick to weighing on them weekly, feels a bit like cheating though cos i know im lighter than i doors :D
:D Thanks me too

I will post my updated weight on Friday then when i weight in. I will then have a starting point for theApril challenge. I think that might just be what i need to boost me, i like a challenge even if it is with myself ;)

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