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Love yourself first

Right. I thought I'd start this thread as I'm struggling with the self love right now and have been for a long time and I'm sure a few if not all of you feel the same sometimes if not all the time.
So why don't we shout and scream and tell the world what we do like. What we LOVE about ourselves. I'm not going to lie. I'm rubbish at talking about myself I hate it but the first step to a possitive me is my possitive thoughts and feeling about myself. So here goes.

I LOVE how I find almost anything funny. I LOVE how my imagination runs away with me and I LOVE those moments where I have tears running down my face with laughter. I LOVE it when I smile and I LOVE when I have a big grin from ear to ear. I LOVE my sence of humour

Ok so who's next? And please come back everytime you find out something new you love about yourself and tell the world... Or minimins at least :D
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is Magdalicious
So proud of you huni! And what an amazing idea to start this thread. Could my rant at you have been a bit of a spur? ;)

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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
I love that my hair looks the same when I wake in the morning, as it did when I went to bed!! :D

/ This never used to be the case when I was growing up. Being of the curly persuasion, every day it was a new, unpredictable shape!... Got a grip on it now though! Lol... ;)

Does that count? :)

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Playing the Angel
What an awesome thread!!!

I love, how i come alive and sparkle when im having a good day, i love how I am great at my job and people respect me for what I do, I love how we bring a massive event together and its thousands of people doing thousands of little things, I love how clients never know how hard we work, I love how I am the queen of my kitchen, I love how I feel like a vamp on occasions, I love my inner stillness, I love that i have special people who adore me no matter what!!! I love that I do the bloody Brits year in and year out! I love that my kittens adore me!! wow, so much love!!


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Ok J, you totally just outdid my post!! :p Lol...

;) xx


Tough But Sexy X
What a brilliant idea! Self Love is a hard one to nail, I have been working on it this year, a kinda resolution I suppose. Here goes....

I love my eyes, my hair, my boobs (sorry but I do lol), my nails (just had sexy red manicure lol), my personality, my sense of humour. I love how sensitive, caring and supportive I am (even when I m not feeling great), I love my confidence rising again, I love ME!!!!!!! :character00238: x


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Here I go!
I love how my friends and family look up to me and reach for support and advice.
I love the fact I'm a great boss and a very talented make up artist. I love my trademark perfectly manicured nails and the colour of my hair.
I love the fact I have a lot of love to give and that I'm going to be a great mummy and a loving wife in the future.
I love I can cook up a storm out of literally nothing.
I love my loud obnoxious from the heart laugh thats very infectious (so I've been told).

And I love how I don't take myself and life in general too seriously as I'm aware none of that shhh.. really does matter!
All that matters is... LOVE!

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i love my sense of humour and the fact that i can get lost almost anywhere when im driving. i do find my lack of navigational skills quite hilarious. i love how my friends and family come to me for support as i give sound advice and am so patient and understanding.

and since monday i am so proud at how far ive come with my weightloss and seeing myself in my wedding dress and actually loving my figure... i love the person ive become thanks to lighterlife and most of all ME!!

i love my family and i truly embrace my wrinkly jelly belly as my body gave me two beautiful boys.

im actually quite emotional writing this.... what an amazing thread!! xx
AH Guys you have all out done me :D See we are amazing people but we never stop and think about ourselves.
Pinkie i think the hair thing DOES count, im def Jealous of that one haha.
I love how amazing we all are :D

I have some more today..
I love how i cry at almost any film
I love my tattoos expecially the ones i designed myself
I also like Jez Love how i am looked up to at work
I love my sence of adventure and my Crazy side
I love Like Mags how i dont take life too seriously
I love that i dont get wound up so easily
and i love how im making steps to truely love myself
i also love how i have a knack of helping others see the good in themselves and why they should love myself. i love how i hug almost everyone. i am a self confessed serial hugger. xx
Hummmm.....where to start

I love my sense of humour
I love my sense of adventure
I love how i can find innuendo in almost anything
I love it when I have helped someone at work and then they say thankyou and also tell your boss as well :)
I love that i have taken the bull by the horns and decided to change my career to get where I want to go, after already spending 3 years at uni, I'm back for another 3
I love that I can cry at the slightest thing on tv that's a bit sad
I love that my friends respect me and love me for who i am

Phew, there we go


really lovely reading this thread....well done! and here goes:-

I love my great SOH and personality
I love the fact my family and friends tell me how caring and loving i am
I love my eyes
I love my nails
I love my family and friends
I love to laugh
I love the fact all my team tell me im a great boss
I love my life
I love the way I feel
I love all the support ive had from all the lovely people on Minimins since starting my LL journey

and there is nothing more I love than feeling thin!

I know theres more but they are the ones that spring to mind

Brill thread and love that too :)
i also love how i have a knack of helping others see the good in themselves and why they should love myself. i love how i hug almost everyone. i am a self confessed serial hugger. xx

meant to say why they should love themselves!!! not myself! lol they can love me if they want to!! haha xx
HAHA Thought you were being a bit big headed then carrie lmao but why the hell not! :p
Wow, i think weve all done really well. Im so happy that this thread has worked as well as it has and hope its boosted peoples confidence.

I LOVE my inner child :D


is Magdalicious
Oh! And I love how I manage to pick myself up, dust myself off and go at it again no matter what life throws at me!
And I never break a nail in the process! ;)

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Sounds corny, but I love my Lighter Life.
It still feels new. I get at least one reminder every day, even thought it has been over 2 years now.
I love the bright red coat I wore today and I loved that 2 colleagues tried it on and it was too small on them and wouldn't do up!
I LOVE :heartpump: that it made me feel skinny.:p
What a great thread. Here goes

I love my spontaneity
I love my sense of humour
I love my hair (finally)
I love my diplomacy skills
I love that I'm respected at work
I love my sixth sense / intuition
I love my c-section scar
I love my mirena (changed my life)
I love my creative side

Wow didnt know I loved myself so much!!!

I also love that I'm back on LL :)

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Fantastic thread! I struggle with this too. Let's see...

I love my hands (I've got really long fingers). I love the fact that I can draw and paint really well (but need to start doing more of it!!) I love that I can sing. I love that I always naturally see the best in everyone and it takes a LOT to make me give up on someone (only ever happened about twice I think).

I love that I am a really kind, sensitive, but also pragmatic and disciplined, mother to my two wonderful children, and that I am (mostly!) a support and comfort to my disabled husband.

I love my wrinkly tummy, because it's partly from making my children (!). I also love that I am a strong person and survived my DD1's dreadful, traumatic, birth and recovery and became a more compassionate person in the process.

I love that I'm great at my job and got a big mention at the conference I'm on at the moment >big head< :D.

I also love my Lighter Life (which is only really just beginning). I love that I can go out feeling confident and looking like "me". I love that I can wear cool stuff and get loads of compliments! >blush<

Fab fab fab idea for a thread.
Wow this thread really is amazing..I struggle with self love, but I'll certainly give it ago;
I love the fact that I'm good at my job and other people tell me so (although I never wanted to believe them)
I love my jiggly belly too, it gave me my 2 lovely sons
I love my new hairdo
I love the fact that I'm taking control of my life
I love it when I can help motivate others
I love walking and raising funds for local charities
I love feeling more confident every day

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