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Lovely change to just fruit

I just find its much more tastier and filling than just eating a few grapes and a plum, I never used to like honey that much but i think due to my lifestyle/eating change my tastebuds appreciate good healthy food ;) XX
I have fruit with muller lite vanilla and a meringue nest broken up on the bottom. Especially good if I am craving sweetness. Only 3 syns too. Also have meringue, cut up banana and muller lite toffee..kind of a banoffee pud. I love sticky toffee pud so have this instead...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I have at least 4-6 pieces of fruit per day - I don't have them with honey or yoghurt though as that would be too much for me!

Strange as it may sound, fruit is good for me so I eat it, but I've never had a sweet tooth so honey or yoghurt would be too much with the fruit lol.

I do have yoghurts on their own though;)

But you're right, fruit is a mighty fine replacement for biccies, cookies, crisps, chocolates etc. - syn/calorie-wise at least!


Just doing it this time
i am addicted to clementines or satsumas - ate loads of them this week - dread when they go out the shops and I can't get them any more.
I cant get enough of Hot water and lemon juice with a spot of sweetener in! I've bought more lemons in the last week than i have in a lifetime!!

Bee x

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