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Loving lipotrim but needing urgent advice...

Hi All! ;)

The reson behind me joining LP is that i have a big event at the end of this month and want to look fantastic. Inbetween now and then i have a weeks holiday in prague which will involve a fair bit of drinking. I thought i would start LP before the trip for a total of 10 days followed another 8 days on the plan when i return from prague b4 my big night.

im wanting suggestions of what i can eat whilst im away as i probably wont be able to follow the maintainence plan etc as we will mostly be eating out....ive been advised my other Lipotrimmers to eat a high protein diet and try not to drink too much - although if i do have a drink try to have gin and slimline tonic etc. I am only away for 5 days but dont wana mess up allthe hard work!

Anybody else got any advise on how i can minimise the weight gain damage whilst im in prague?

I started the plan at 15st 1lb and Im currently weighting in at 14st 6lb after only 5 days!!

thanks guys x
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When do you go away?

If you are going to do Lipotrim TFR you need to refeed before you go back to eating normally as its completly pointless you doing a TFR in the first place.

Seems like, from your post you are on LT then you are going away, then you are coming back on LT then going away again all within a month ... to me this is pointless. Your probably do more damage this way as you are doing a TFR then eating normally and putting on weight you lost then TFRing again, then putting on the weight you lost. You've no time to refeed properly so my advice, dont bother. Wait untill after you holiday/big night and then get down to buisness.

This isnt a diet to be messed around with im afraid.
I am affraid summergurl is right hun, Lipotrim is a full on diet and cant come and go on it in such short notice. I am planning of eating during December but I will refeed correctly and watch what I eat and depending on my weight i'll go back on Lt in the new year. I am away at the end of October and its all incusive but I'll just stick to water as I know you get results when you stick to it!!!! Good luck
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Have to agree with Summergurl on this one.

I wanted to start about 2 weeks before a holiday, come home for 10 days and do LT again then go away again for another week and the chemist advised me just to wait until I could have a good shot at it.

Up to you chick but I'd advise hanging on til you're not as busy. I dont think its advisable for you to put your body in and out of ketosis on a regular basis.

Good luck with whatever you decide but if your on LT and you're going to be drinking please make sure you re-feed properly before attempting alcohol


irish molly

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Very very sound advice from Tanya. Especially if you are planning on drinking much at all, it will be a total waste of effort. Alcohol in any form is regarded as empty calories and does not get used up by the body. You will have done such a short stint on Lt that all you will have lost is fluid whihc will be straight back on after a few drinks. Think it best to wait till you can get at least a month straight run at it with a careful refeed afterwards if you are to benefit at all.


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Yes u must refeed properly, if you read the literature it says that you can immediately put on 10 lbs and other people have been in hospital after alcohol when in ketosis. Its not worth the risk x :eek:


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Totally agree with Summergurl.

This diet isn't a quick fix - I personally feel if you treat it like that then you put yourself at more risk of piling the weight back on.

Good luck with whatever plan you decide on, but definitely need a week of refeed before you drink alcohol.
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I did this diet for 2 weeks and then had 3 weeks off (did refeed for 1 week then ate carefully for the rest of the time) and gained. I did not drink for the first 2 weeks after coming off as i was advised against it strongly. everyone is right, this diet is not a quick fix, and you shouldn't mess around with it. Could cause more damage than good. good luck with whatever you decide to do.


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Im sort of in the same boat. I started LT last week, on my second week now. But i go on holiday 1st November to an all inc hotel in Egypt. I was dreading it but after speaking to a couple of people on here im going to re-feed for a week and then stick to meat, chicken and fish while im on holiday (im usually the first one at the pasta so it will be hard!) As soon as i come back im going to start back on it.
You should always re-feed or the weight so goes straight back on. And it sort of makes you feel de-motivated. Least with re-feeding you know you are doing the right thing. But if you only have 10 days before you go id just start on LT when you come back...Least you can enjoy your time away without feeling guilty!

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