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low blood presure?


nearly there!! :)
ok so came in last night (wont tell ya what i was at will be in the rtm section soon :eek::p "starts with d and ends in k lol)
and was in a bad state. but when i got up this morning was coming back from the bathroom and got light headed and passed out! i fell through the door and whalloped it off the door frame, and yes i have a BIG lump on it now!!

but the reason i started this is cause i KNOW it wasnt drink related, that i got lightheaded, its been happening on and off all week, well actually for the last 5 weeks now.

it has happened before that i pass out, and supposeably my eyes roll and im out for bout 1-2 minutes. my da has vertigo, which i think is the cause of it but just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? or could it be my bp is low?

also i no this is in the main section but could cals be a prob? im having all my cals a day, (on week 6 so having 1100) and not doing any heavy exercise.
gonna get an appointment with the doc tomorro so just wondering if anyone has had a similar occurance?
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16lb to go!
What is your blood pressure, do you know?

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
My BP got very low at the end of abstaining, but I've had no dizzy spells since RTM.

1100 calories is still pretty light - and your body is still adjusting. Did you have just one drink? Or two? Or more?? ;)

I'd go easy on the booze just now while your body is relearning what is healthy - and, ahem, drining till we pass out is not the pic in the dictionary for the word 'healthy' ;) :D :giggle:

Might take it easy in these early days.....beside hurting your diet - you might need to redecorate your house!! :giggle:

Hope you are feeling OK, and let us know what the doc says. :)