low blood presure?


nearly there!! :)
ok so came in last night (wont tell ya what i was at will be in the rtm section soon :eek::p "starts with d and ends in k lol)
and was in a bad state. but when i got up this morning was coming back from the bathroom and got light headed and passed out! i fell through the door and whalloped it off the door frame, and yes i have a BIG lump on it now!!

but the reason i started this is cause i KNOW it wasnt drink related, that i got lightheaded, its been happening on and off all week, well actually for the last 5 weeks now.

it has happened before that i pass out, and supposeably my eyes roll and im out for bout 1-2 minutes. my da has vertigo, which i think is the cause of it but just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? or could it be my bp is low?

also i no this is in the main section but could cals be a prob? im having all my cals a day, (on week 6 so having 1100) and not doing any heavy exercise.
gonna get an appointment with the doc tomorro so just wondering if anyone has had a similar occurance?
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What is your blood pressure, do you know?

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Yes. You can.
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My BP got very low at the end of abstaining, but I've had no dizzy spells since RTM.

1100 calories is still pretty light - and your body is still adjusting. Did you have just one drink? Or two? Or more?? ;)

I'd go easy on the booze just now while your body is relearning what is healthy - and, ahem, drining till we pass out is not the pic in the dictionary for the word 'healthy' ;) :D :giggle:

Might take it easy in these early days.....beside hurting your diet - you might need to redecorate your house!! :giggle:

Hope you are feeling OK, and let us know what the doc says. :)



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This is exactly why i created the BP thread