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Need help
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So many people that I have spoken to don't know what is classed as a low carb food.

I am sure that there is lots of people out there who are thinking the same and would like to know what their options are especially if they want to reduce their carb intake, in preparation for the diet.

Maybe if we all knew what our healthy options were we would not pick the wrong things if temptation got the better of us.

I think this is something we need to clarify especially as the seasonal time is approaching us very quickly. And no-one wants anyone to fail as everyone's will power will be put to the test.

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so go on then what is low carb, my understanding is that potatoes rice pasta bread are all high carb but then i could be wrong
Its very interesting as the things you thought might be high are actually low.


30g of Chedder has 0 g.
100g of Brocolli has 0 g.

Where as:

Pasta plain, all shapes, cooked 180g has 44.5g

A baked potato, jacket no oil 150g has about 21g of carbs.

Can't find anything apart from beans and lentils that are high.:confused:

Good question would be good to know.

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1 medium artichoke boiled33.5
0.5 cupsBeetroot, canned, pickled18.6
0.5 cupsCorn, yellow, boiled20.6
0.5 cupsRhubarb, frozen, cooked, sweetened37.4
3.5 ozsSeaweed, agar, dried80.9
Roots are generally high carb as they are food storage for the plants.
If really want to OD on carbs try honey on your parsnips.
The official carb amount is a bizzilion
Hi ya,:)

I am doing low GI where I can . Basically I am trying to eat healthy 80% of the time and where I can have white meat and fruit and veg as much as possible.

I am using the Gillian mcKeith "you are what you eat" book as I have always liked what she say's. Even before I started the Cambridge I started to eat what she said and I lost about 1 stone and half in about 4 weeks.

Nick :)
before & after


have you got a before and after Photo of you - it jus i am on week 3 and jus cannot see me ever getting any smaller - I want to notice the weight difference

Sorry i've gone right off track about the carbs thingy - i'm not there yet i'm SS

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