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Low Carb Pizza / Mac and Cheese


Low Carber
So has anyone tried making a low card pizza with either grated cauliflower and egg as a base, or turkey mince? How about Macaroni and cheese made of firm tofu and cheese? I don't know how I feel about these types of recipes as they are the sorts of food that got me into trouble in the first place!
Cauliflower base...sounds like something from the school of Chris Shugert? As much as i'm a fan of his; he's clearly got a bit missing if he thinks that a cauliflower bases is anything like real pizza.

Personally I toast a Joseph's pita (4g carbs) under the grill, add 20g Sainsburys pizza sauce (1.65g) and add cheddar then shove it back under the grill. Even better if done in the oven.

Far more like normal pizza!


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Cauli pizza base wasnt very pizza like. I've tried a mim mix as a pizza base and the oopsie recipe.

The oopsie recipe is by far my favourite pretend pizza base, but tastes nothing like pizza base. The mim was too soft and bready for my liking too.

Pitta sounds good, but a bit too thin for me perhaps. *keeps looking*


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I'll vote for the pitta pizzas - absolutely delish!

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