Low carb Stabilisation and Maintenance


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Right, I can't belive that I'm here! I read all the maintenance diaries avidly when I was coming close to my goal. I loved to read about people who were maintaining as I was worried about putting all the weight back on.

I'm hoping to use this diary to keep focussed on my weight and keep it level as I go through stabilisation and maintenance.

I've been doing 790 for a few weeks now. I didn't have the milk as I wanted to do a low carb stabilisation. My CDC was OK with that, but I am taking a multi vitamin from 1000 cals onwards.

I am a carb addict and want to be on a plan where my blood sugar is kept stable through the day. Too much carb triggers off my cravings.

When I first joined mini's I noticed people resarting who said they hadn't followed stabilisation and wished they had, so I want to stick as close to CD as possible but have modified it for low carb. I've tried to make as few changes as possible.

I am having 2 CD packs a day
6 oz chicken or 10 oz fish

50ml single cream
2 eggs poached, boiled or scrambled
1 grilled sausage

or something around 350 cals and no more than 10g carb.

This keeps the carb below 50g which is high for Atkins, the main carb comes from the CD packs.

Went really well yesterday. It was great to eat again, but I really struggled to eat everything which is weird.
I shall look forward to following your progress ...

... Soraya. I am doing LL but have also decided that, when moving to Management, I too will chose low carb foods.

Good luck!

Maintenance diaries like yours are very important for the rest of us as we can all learn from each other and it is good to see how you get on.

Being a carb addict myself I know I will have to watch the carbs for life.

Love Mini xxx
Ok, here's yesterday and todays menus. Not sure where the mince pie came from:rolleyes: , but seem to have come down another lb!
Cals carb
CD pack 1138 14.1
175g chicken 185
3tbsp veg 95
50ml single cream 94 2
2 size 1 eggs 196 0
beef sausage 158 7.3
half mince pie 125 20
Total 991 43.4

Cals carb
CD pack 138 14.1
half CD pack 69 7
150g chicken 158
3tbsp veg 95
2 low carb wraps 120 6
2 size 1 egg 196 0
beef sausage 158 7.3
half mince pie 125 20
Total 1059 54.4

Not sure about today - just realised that low carb wraps and pie shouldn't appear together! Done two gym sessions too and drunk 6l water each day.

Let's see what the scales say tomorrow!
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Right -weight has come down 1lb this week. Really pleased about that. Less pleased that I am out of ketosis now.

Yesterday went to hell as I was stuck in an all day meeting in the middle of nowhere.

Had - tuna mayo for lunch - the only low carb thing they had. You were meant to take the fresh breads and put on your own topping. I took the bread played with it and at the tuna. Not even a bit of chicken or turkey in sight that the hadn't deep fried with breadcrummbs or batter!

By dinner I was starving - had loads of veg and half a fish cake the least bad thing there. Had a slice of cake as well as I was starving. Not going again without saying they need to provide food for me as it was a disaster.

Had two small choccie later on with the evening seminar. We didn't even get time to go to our rooms or anything so couldn't get to my stash. Also the rooms were about 10mins walk away so would have been missing for half an hour.

Drank 6l water and have exercised every day this week. Done a mix of cardio and weights. I want muscle as it burn calories when you are resting!

All in all, considering the glycogen is going back on I'm pretty surprised with a loss this week!
Christmas Day was fine, but Boxing Day didn't go quite as well. Woke up on 28 to find up 2lbs! So went to 1200 on 29. Normally ie pre CD, I'd have said sod it I'll deal with it after the New Year. But now, I thought that if I leave it, then by the time Eid and New Year are done, I'll have put on weight and want to be able to buy fab frock for cruise.

Cals Carb Fat

2 Eggs 196 0 12
slice toast 40 80 .22
LC wraps 120 66
turkey 130g 170 0 1.4
philadelphia20g 62 0.66
turkey 150g planned
had 50g 66 02 .1
leek 200g 40 0 0
Cheese 50g 200 0.05 17
Crackers 30g 130 20 4.83
3 chocs 180 21 ?

Total 1204 55.65 49.5 5l water

On 28 had lost 0.5lbs. For some reason it really mattered that I lose it all, so went on 790 for the day.

Today woken up and weight back to maintainance weight - Yay!!!

Will do 1200 today - off to figure out a menu that allows cheese and biccies!
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No idea if this is any use to anyone, but am keeping a diary anyway so here is todays, sorry about the cake, but it is the holidays.

Cals Carb Fat
10g CD pack 34.5 3.5 1.353
0g Genoa cake !! 96 1 5 3.21
2 LC wraps 120 6 6
tuna 100g 101 0 0.6
philadelphia 20g 62 0.6 6

low carb pizza 175 4.5 1.5
cheese 60g 246 0.06 20.6
anchovies 1/2 can 46 6 2.5
pastrami 4 slices 48 0.4 0.8
olives 30g 33 1 3

cheese 30g 123 0 10
crackers 40g 170 26 6

Total 1254.5 63.06 61.56

Bit high on cheese, the cheese and crackers weren't planned, but as the lc pizza was awful, needed a last minute sub. The Genoa cake was planned as I really wanted some the last two days when I was balancing Christmas and Boxing day, so planned a bit in. Really enjoyed it and didn't want anymore!

Complete break tomorrow to celebrate Eid, but joining in without binging.
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you are doing well i read your menu each day susan x
No cal or carb counting

Started with home made scones with clotted cream low carb jam

Home made fish biryani two plates!

1 piece balkava in toffee syrup and more scone

salmon sandwich, cheese and anchovy sandwich and 1 potato

Drinks Little champers, Little red wine 3 cups Blue mountain Coffee with cream Water 3l

After all that - am down 0.5lb this morning!

After all that - am down 0.lb today!
OK - so New Years Day last of the holiday days thank goodness. Ate what I wanted, but can see that it's about to go pear shaped so good job there's no more of these!

Pannetone with coffee
Lobster with butter
lobster caviar, cream cheese cracker
one slice pannetone bread pudding
one small martini
snackey things: 4 jalepeno poppers
3 mini pasties
6 mini duck spring rolls
one breaded king prawn
one samosas
2 slices pannetone bread pudding
3l water

Weight up 1lb : but only to to what I started at before Christmas hols, therefore no weight gain over hols. With all that seems a mircle, YES!!! I could easily have gone up 10lbs with nearly two weeks of festivities. Really pleased. Will stick at 1200 today to give my body a chance to recover and then up to 1500 tomorrow to prepare for next week.
Thanks Kazz. It isn't long ago that I started CD, I'd never lost weight successfully before and was really not sure about my chances on this. But I read the maintenance diaries avidly as they gave me hope and it was great to read about people keeping the weight off too.

I just can't believe that after 20years of trying to lose weight it happened!
Ok, So yesterday was my last day on 1200 cals.

Cals Carb Fat Protein
0.3 CD pack 45 51 .4
2 size 1 egg 148 0.8 10 12.6
smoked salmon 100g 72 0 4.3 18.
50ml single cream 94 2 9.5
Coley 180g 146 0 1.4 32
50ml single cream 94 2 9.5
200g cauliflower 40 4 1 4
Cheese 50g 200 0.05 17 14
Cheese 40g 165 0.04 13.8 10
Crackers 30g 130 20 4.8
Crème Brulee 2 small 120 12
Total 1254 45.89 72.72 90.88

MAde fish pie with cauli rather than potato as it saves carbs and has lower blodd sugar impact. Persuaded into brulees and they were not very nice at all. Loved my cheese biccies and had old smokey cheese with them - yum! The scrambled egg had smoked salmon from Christmas. Can't believe you can eat all this and be down 1.2 lb the next day! I am still in ketosis - seems below 60g of carb is a very pale ketosis stick for me. I think I would lose about 2lbs a week on 1200. Had 6l water.

Also been doing yoga and Winsor Pilates which is a cardio Pilates if you can imagine such a thing, but it works. My DH who's very fit goes pale if I ask him to join me!

My CDC has just pointed out to me that I should have been doing the 1200 cals transition etc with CD packs, eeek!
I forgot! I was so focussed on cals and carbs. So have taken a few mulitvits and hope the malnutrition isn't too bad. I looked at the original menus I'd planned and they did have the packs in, I was so busy trying to not put on weight over Christmas that I took the packs out to allow for a treat, it was only meant to be for one day, but I never put them back in.

Anyway, today am on 1500 cals and only the CD I use for coffee, but from tomorow back at work and in the gym so will have a pack for breakfast as well as multivit just to be on safe side!
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Thanks Kazz. It isn't long ago that I started CD, I'd never lost weight successfully before and was really not sure about my chances on this. But I read the maintenance diaries avidly as they gave me hope and it was great to read about people keeping the weight off too.

I just can't believe that after 20years of trying to lose weight it happened!

Thats how I feel...I've struggled with my weight and it seems like forever!! From looking back at photos, it seems I really put on weight when I was about 10 and it has been growing ever since...I am 26 in a couple of weeks and am smaller now than I was even at my 21st! I know CD works, but the maintaining bit is wat I am most worried about so I will be following your progress with great interest!

You are doing fantastic...long may it continue!
10g CD pack
2 size 1 egg
2 sausages
Pate 25g
Small baguette
Cheese 50g
Pot roast silverside
200g boiled okra
10ggreen beans

Total of 1500 cals 68 carb, bit too high on the carb. Did menu in morning, but then decided to have whole bagutte but forgot to take out the hazlenuts out. Was still in ketosis the next day.
low carb sero bar
CD pack
1 sausages
Pot roast silverside 100g
2 LC wraps
philadelphia 20g

Pot roast silverside 150g
swede 100g
boiledgreen beans
50gcheese 40g
Crackers 30g
60g Genoa cake !!

Total 1770 cals and 74g carb

Always get craving for carb before TOTM, this is pretty good compared with what used to happen!
Atkins Shake
175g chicken
3tbsp veg955
2 crisps
Total 480 cals 5 carb

HAd a busy day shopping with no time to stop for lunch, had dinner at PILs where MIL got me chicken specially. Bit too low and not near 500 cals. But clothes size 12 even on my chest !!! Still in ketosis and have lost weight before TOTM which never happened when I was SS!
Thanks for keeping me up to date on what you're doing Soraya. I always find your comments useful and am filing your experiences away for the time when I will be introducing food into my diet again.:)