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I just started a diet in which I am eating porridge for breakfast (with a few fruits and nuts), meat and complex carbs (veg only for now) for lunch and dinner. I am avoiding refined sugar completely and snacking on fruit (typically 2-3 pieces per day). I haven't put any restrictions on quantity and am actually eating quite a lot.

I have been doing this for about a week now and have 2 issues:

1. I feel very low energy at some points in the day - usually late afternoon. Is this because I am now accessing fat reserves for energy? Does anyone have a similar experience that they can relate? Is there something I can snack on that will help boost my energy levels so that I can get through my (usually quite long) work day?

2. I have wind. It must be all the vegetables. Am I actually the only one?

I haven't been eating any brown rice or any other grains or potaoes. It looks as though these were my weakness so I am keen to stay away for a few weeks and then gradually reintroduce small amounts earlier in the day.

Advice is gratefully received.


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Hi Bibi.

was just browsing, I am new here, and your diet sounds abit like mine..

I also eat porridge ( real porridge oats, every morning - I add a good twist of golden syrup to it and use semi milk)..this always last me around 4 to 5 hours, but when peckish between, like you, I eat whatever fruit I want - no restrictions..then I have say plain chicken, and loads and loads a LOADS ! of veggies..I haven't been having problems with wind, but have never had bother before - maybe its because this veggie eating is something I've done for years, I love them, love fruit, love salad.

I also make my own soup, and have just had a good tip from a fellow member, its to roast a great big roasting pan full of various veg- hot oven, little sunflower oil, till cooked and soft.. but then I put them all in a slow cooker to 'melt' them down further.. the flavour is intensified when you roast the veg.. then I blend everything till nearly smooth - but not.. its like a gooey stew.. add abit of stock I use veggie oxo cubes - a couple, to taste.. then I have a great bowlful, maybe during the day, maybe evening.. whenever I feel hungry..The upshot is, I never feel hungry.. I think if you do.. then you do need to eat, and if you're hungry, you might as well eat something thats this good, and healthy and not junk.

You may find that if you fill up more on the stuff you know you should, and dont stint yourself..you may not feel so ' lacking energy' - this is doing you no good at all..its a life-long thing, dont go hungry I say.. and very good luck to you

best wishes


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Like you I get low energy if I don't have any carbohydrates, and apart from your breakfast you don't seem to be having any.

I feel weak and go dizzy if I don't eat carbohydrates regularly that's why I do calorie counting and have them in my diet in carefully weighed quantities.

I know a lot of people seem to be able to function perfectly well without them but I'm not one of them.

When I first started to diet I did get a lot of wind because I was eating tons more veg but this did settle down as my body got used to it.