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Low fat diet does it make more wrinkles


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May seem like a stupid thing to say but I am 52 so I know I wont be without wrinkles but Ive been following low fat for a long time and I just wondered if we get enough good fats for skin nails etc to keep them in good nick.

I seem to think my wrinkles have got worse this last year(I know its normal ageing) but should I take a supplement to help fill the low fat gap.

Im not overly vain but I would like to keep the wrinkles at bay if possible.:D
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I vaguely remember reading/hearing that it was very difficult not to get enough fat. I'll often use a tablespoon of EVOO for my HEB. I reckon it's more down to genes. I've treated old ladies who had far less wrinkles than me. Mother had a face like a roadmap and had never heard of lowfat, fortunately I take after Dad :). Yes I have wrinkles at 60. I call them smile lines.Mind you the American's have a saying, "you can have your face or your fanny " meaning if you want a small bottom then you'll lose weight off your faace and consequently wrinkles.


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I'm like you Peggy, I'm 50 and have no wrinkles at the moment, but I am worried that the more weight I lose in my face the more they will show!! I'm really hoping that I take after my mums side of the family as my aunt has no wrinkles at all and she's in her late 60's. Here's hoping! lol. If not well I won't lose too much weight as I'd rather have a little excess everywhere else and keep the wrinkles at bay! And yes I'm vain! lol


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I see the little beggers appear - the fat obviously had been "padding them out" all these years lol.

I believe it is a small price to pay.

Health or vanity

You decide;)


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I know what you mean Maximus but you know what us women are like.

I just wondered about eating the right sort of fats for skin health.:D


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There are "superfoods" for skin. Google it. I can only remember spinach, mango and oats!!

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