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Low fat lunch


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your best bet is to have a look at what you fancy and check the packaging for fat levels :)


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every thing has nutritional values on these days.. i did notice wile in boots the other day, nearly all of there sandwidges are within the 15g limit and some are right handsome looking things!!... have a look you.ll be surprised.... just watch out for the fishy ones they effect some people regardless of being within the 15g limit..
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Violet is shrinking
And not just the 15gram limit...but more importantly the 5g limit!

I struggle to find ready made sarnies within the rules of Xenical, the only one I've found to be in the rules was a ww chicken wrap.

There is so much you can eat, and people do think they need to completely change, it's about looking at what you fancy and making the right choices, which yesterday I thought to hell with and had hobnobs :)
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Hey! I've been lurking on here for a while, on Xenical whilst doing SW and it's going really well so far. I'm finding that all of the free foods on SW are well within the fat limits, and plenty of "snacky" type things for lunch. I'm having lots of Batchelors Pasta n sauces, the Ainsley Harriott cous-cous (spice sensation is my fave), and the low fat super noodles are great. They're the type of things that make you feel like you've actually eaten something without feeling hard done by!

You can add any lean meat to these and still not experience any bad side effects!

Good luck!
panda liquorice
mini rivitas
most weightwatchers cake slices
solero smoothie lollies
some goahead snacks
all fruit
jelly pots (hartleys low cal)

theres so much you can eat and snack on honestly just spend some time and check packs and you will be surprised. xxx
In a week I've learnt a lot of the things I can and can't eat so already don't read the packets as much. I'm now making my lunch at home the night before (having always bought it before) and really like grabbing it from the fridge in the morning knowing I don't have to think about what I'm going to have.
exactly theres so much you CAN eat thats within rules and healthy and the food tastes better in my opinion because you can taste it properly.

theres always an alternative way of cooking your fav foods.

i loved spag bol , i now have turkey mince dry fried with just the meat juices , colorful pasta , and a low fat bol sauce theres loads out there. weightwatchers even do a garlic bread thats within rules too =] .. thats just an example xx


Not such a fat kat now :)
I make my own bolognese sauce- while you ar dry frying the mince. Blitz an onion. A courgette a carrot and a red pepper in a food processor. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes. Pepper, oregano and a little salt. Then add to the mince. I often add passatta as well for my hungry lot. Very low fat and yummy

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