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Low Syn Chocolate treats


Does anyone know if there is a list of low syn chocolates?

I've just eaten a penguin which is at 5.5syns, although it was very nice. I wouldn't mind finding out what's available for under 6 syns.

I know a treat size bag of buttons is 4 syns. That's about it!

I want something chocolate to suck on so I get a proper chocolate flavour! A cup of Options won't do it today!! :rolleyes:
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curly wurlys are 4 syns


Will be thin god dammit!!
I believe curly wurlys are 6 or 6.5 syns!!!!


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Yeah, I thought curlywurlys were about 6 or 7.
Morrisons eat smart chewy chocolate brownie breakfast cereal bars are 3 1/2 syns and quite chocolatey :)


Will be thin god dammit!!
The new kelloggs fibre plus bar thingies are very chocolatey and 5 syns
special k choc mini breaks 5.5syns bag.
choc gems 5.5 syns bag.
milky way funsize 3.5 syns
milky stars fun size bag 3.5 syns
mars fun size 4 syns
tesco fun size bars 4 synsexcept bounty equivalent(6)
twix fun size 5 syns
snickers fun size 4.5 syns
bounty fun size 6 syns


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droolz - you can get funsize snickers? where???? lol sorry im snicker mad and havn't had 1 for 3 weeks and think im gonig to crack up and this as got my all excited :)


Will be thin god dammit!!
Asda have bags of them x
mini chocolate twister lollies are 2 syns each... they're very chocolatey and creamy mmmmmmmm
Fudge are 5 or 5.5 syns
Dairy milk little bars are 5.5
Time out 4.5
Curly Wurly 6
Mcvities bags of mini biscuits are 6 syns per bag, nice with a cuppa!
Kit kats, the ones with 2 bar things in are 5.5 syns
Mini milks are 1.5 syns each (the chocolate ones satisfy my cravings)
Cadbury Chomp Chocolate Bar 12g is 3 syns
Cadbury Chomp Chocolate Bar 24g standard is 5.5 syns
Alpen light bars are 3 syns each or 2 is a HEX (fudge one satisfys my chocolate cravings)
Treatsize flakes are 4.0 syns each. :)

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