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Puddings Low Syn Options Mouse/Free Lemon Mousse

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Ally89, 4 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    1 sachet gelatine
    100ml hot water
    3 sachets options hot chocolate (whichever flavour to you like
    500g fromage frais
    4 tbsp artificial sweetener
    2 egg whites

    1. disolve gelatine in 100ml hot water, allow to cool
    2. Mix fromage frais, Options hot chocolate and artificial sweetener together in a bowl
    3. Whisk eggs white to stiff peaks in another bowl
    4. Mix the cooled gelatine into the fromage frais mix and pour onto the egg whites
    5. Fold fromage frais/egg white mix until all conbined.
    6. Chill for a few hours until set.

    The whole bowl for most of the hot chocolates will be 6 syns. And this makes a big amount (easily can be split into 4 or 5 portions). If you use the coconut hot chocolate its only 4.5 syns for the whole bowl. I love it. Lucky if the whole bowl lasts me a day, though I do try and spread it over a few days. Lovely with fruit or on its own.

    I have just eaten a third of the dish to myself, though it was coconut and I LOVE coconut so for 1.5 syns for my third of a dish I'm happy!

    Can also make it into a free Lemon or citrus mousse by replacing the options hot chocolate with juice of a lemon and the rind, or add lime too and make it lemon and lime.

    Haha, i put mouse instead of mouse in the title. It really is an edible mousse and not a rodent xD
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  3. Flipsangel

    Flipsangel Full Member

    Going to try this tomorrow. Sounds delish.
  4. hansywansy

    hansywansy Member

    Hmmmmi tried this last night but used leaf gelatin 1 and a bit leafs but it didn't set! So I've chucked it in the freezer see what it does I may need to buy powder sachet gelatin?

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