low weight loss on day 9?

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    Hi all,
    I was wondering what the lowest weight loss was at day 9 of the CD.
    I've got my first WI today and, even though I've stuck totally to the plan of SSing, I don't think I'm gonna have much of a loss and I'm feeling a bit fed up about it.
    You might think this is preemptive but.....My CDs scales weigh me in heavier than mine do anyway, I always weigh more as the day goes on than I do early in the day, I weighed myself this morning and I had lost about 7lbs and that's in my nightie.
    When I go at 4pm to be weighed this will be down to about 4lbs taking into account my clothes weight, her scales and the time of day.
    I was hoping for a really good weight loss this week (my first week) to spur me on and make me more encouraged especially as I keep reading how much you guys have lost in your first week - some of you lose 13lbs!!!!!
    Oh gawd - I think I'm losing it and becoming obsessive but I don't want my CD to think I've been cheating (I haven't). What's going on - why haven't I lost as much weight as you guys in the first week?
    I feel like starving myself and drinking nothing today to help me out a bit more at the WI.
    Oh bum...I've started to rant now it's just that I'm so worried about this.
    Sorry guys
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    Hi - I am new to the board and have loads of experience of working with clients and VLCDs.

    If you get weighed at the same time each week in roughly the same sort of clothes then you will get a true weight loss reading.

    What happens a lot with clients is that they get fixated with scales and numbers. That's a shame as someone can jump come through the door, full of enthusiasm, smiling and happy as they have had such a fantastic week on their Programme, get on the scales and stay the same - their face drops and all of a sudden it's been "an awful week!"

    If you are following your Programme, and are not lapsing, then the weight will come off. At what rate depends on your body and usually hormones which affect water retention.

    You know that with VLCDs - the more you drink the more you shrink!

    When you get on the scales on a daily basis - it has a doubled edged sword - IMO.

    There is - "Ooh - look at that ! Hmmmm well I an doing SOOO well - think I'll have a treat!" and how would you usually treat yourself? Yep - you got it - food! Then there is "What? The scales haven't moved ! Well stuff this .......I've had enough !" and then all of a sudden your are "off" your Programme.

    My advice is to chuck out your scales, or ask someone to hide them! Forget numbers and enjoy your Programme. ;)
  4. SoonToBeGorgeous

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    Cambridge Plan
    I lost 17lbs in my first week on CD - but the weight loss isn't the important thing.

    You find with CD that the scales might not have moved at all but that your clothes are hanging off you - a pair of trousers that previously fitted are now too big, etc.

    Do measure yourself as well as weighing - it is VERY important with this diet.

    I went two weeks before Christmas and the scales didn't budge AT ALL - but I lost 2" from my hips, 2" from my waist and 2" from my chest.

    If I had only been relying on the scales I could have got very depressed about it all.

    Fingers crossed for your weigh-in!



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    Thanks for that - I guess I am just a worrier at heart. Fear of failure.
    I know that I am sticking to the diet 100 percent and that I'm obsessing!
    I am a serial scale hopper since I started this diet last Thursday - I never used to go near them before!
    I don't know what's wrong with me - I should celebrate ANY loss and not care about how big or small. It's only cos people say you lose the most in your first 2 weeks then the loss goes down and evens out.
    I am so eager to lose weight - I think I'm just very impatient and want it right now!!!!!! Of course that isn't gonna happen and I know I'm being stupid!
    I WILL make more effort never to weigh myself at home but that is gonna be well tough!
    Thanks for all your advice
  6. Time4ME

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    I'm with you on this one! This is the reason that I gave up LL (as well as the costs) there was a girl in my group that ''cheated'' every wk and always lost 4lbs minimum. Some wks I even stayed the same which made me think f this for a game of soldiers. The problem is I never gave it til the nxt wk to see if I'd lost double and now I'll never know.

    I think you really really need to give yourself 2wks minimum before you make any rash decisions luv..... xxx
  7. Mary Poppins

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    Knowing just how you feel!!I'm getting weighed today and I think I've put on weight!and I haven't slipped off sole source all week!Feel disheartened when everyone seems to have huge losses in early weeks!
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    Hi when I did CD before xmas in my 1st week I only lost 4lb but that was 3 more than at ww or sw so I was happy with that & the other wks I stuck religiously to it I lost about 3lb think a lot depends on water retention & glycogen stores. Haven't put too much on over the xmas month I had off cause of all the functions I just had to go to!! Hope its a case of swings & round-abouts, off slower on slower!
  9. Russiandoll

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    Cambridge Weight Plan - Step 1
    The reason CD states that you lose 'a stone per month' and not '3.5lb per week' is to account for the fluctuations that occur from day to day.

    When fully sole sourcing, I lost the stone per month that I was told I would - but some weeks I only lost a pound or two which, at the time, was disheartening. It all seemed to even out though.

    Remember that the first week's loss includes glycogen and the proportion of that making up your TOTAL loss can differ from person to person depending on how 'carby' their diets were the weeks preceding going onto SS.

    So say we have two CDers at the end of week 1 ... one has eaten a fairly low carb diet before starting, the other hasn't. One has lost 12lb, the other 8lb but BOTH are likely to have lost the almost the same amount of FAT... it's just one had more glycogen to deplete: never confuse 'weight' with 'fat'.

    A final note is ... this is a highly personal journey for all of us and, although it's a difficult thing NOT to do, we shouldn't compare our journey with anyone else's. We should use the experiences of others as inspiration - but not as a yard stick.

    Good luck with your weigh in (got my first one later) ... remember that ANY loss is a step in the right direction and will be celebrated as such when you come back and tell us your result :)
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    Hey hun, Everyone is right - you have to stop worrying about what the scales say. I get weighed with my CDC in the evening, but i let that weight just be for her records because they aways weigh heavier than mine.
    I take my weight loss from my scales which i get on only once a week (at the same time of day) and i keep them in exactly the same place.
    I was told i'd only lost 7lbs my first week (even though my scales told me i'd lost 11!) but i'd lost inches! You should keep a record of your measurements too so that on slow weeks you can see that you're still losing inches - afterall thats what really counts!
    Please don't get too down about it and make sure you're drinking enough water as not drinking enough will slow the weight loss down.
    Chin up hun - you're sticking to it and thats the main thing. *BIG HUGS*
  11. Mich

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    Just a tip if your weigh in isn't till 4pm then don't drink too much just before weigh in as this can make you 'temporarily' heavier.... I used to stop drinking around 2 hours before weigh in - oh and may sure you nip to the loo before getting on the scales too.....;) I'm sure you'll be fine.... even if t he loss isn't as high as others it'll still be a good loss.... a girl in my LL grooup lost 5lbs on her first week and was gutted even the LLC asked if she'd stuck to it as everyone else had lost more.... she went on to loose 6lbs the next week and ended up as Young Slimmer of the Year for our group....!!

    Good luck youll be fine!
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