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Lowering target....


Alomst there :)
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I'm a bit confused! :confused:

I know when you get to target if you fall below 4lb of your target you have to reset it to 7lb lower than your original target. Do you have to go back to paying until you get to that lower target??

I'm just wondering really.... For example, my target is 9st 7, what if lost the extra 4lb for whatever reason, and sat at 9st 3 and decided that was a weight I was happy with?

Sorry, just a bit confused!!!
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You are allowed to 3 pounds above or below your target - once you go past that then yes you do have to pay again until you are back in your target range. If you do decide to reset your target then you have to change it by 7 pounds, have a word with your C and see what they say though, they may allow you to change it once for free.
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That rule's changed now! It used to be the case until quite recently, but now you may change your target to whatever you choose - it doesn't have to be 7lbs lower than your original target any more :)

But as Julie says, it's worth discussing with your consultant anyway!
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Sorry to be cheeky and butt in, but I did SW at home last year and am back and going to go to my first class on Monday. I have lots of weight (at least 6 stone) to lose still and am not really sure of exactly what my target should be as its been so long since I was slim! Will I have to set an exact target weight when I join? If so I'm worried I might set it too high or too low! I think I have an idea within a stone or so of what I should be....but I'm not really sure!

Hope you don't mind me asking this question in your thread Camille and well done on your weight loss. Your picture is fab!



Alomst there :)
S: 12st2lb C: 9st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 3st0lb(24.71%)
Thanks for the help everyone, I have lowered my target once. Maybe I'll happily maintain once I get to target and not have to worry anyway! :)

Snow Fairy, thank you :) I joined with a freind and she had a lot of weight to lose. She just set her target as a ball park figure of 5 stone at the beginning, because she didn't know how she was going to do, she has now lost over three stone and has decided she's going to lower it when she gets there depending on how she feels. You can change your target once you're there, no one knows how they're really going to feel until they get there... I would say maybe set it at 6 to start with, if it gets to the point that you lose 5 stone or whatever and are happy then just call target there :) It's all up to you! Good luck at class :) xxx


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Hellie is right. I e-mailed SW and was advised that as long as you are in the healthy BMI range you do no longer have to alter by 7 pounds. I changed my target twice after I reached it, and it was 7 pounds in total.
Snow Fairy, you don't have to set your target when you join. You can set it at any point, and alter it if you think it's too high or low. Good luck!
No, you don't have to set a target. I have one in my mind, but haven't made it official. I have this totally irrational feeling that if I set a target I won't reach it, but if I don't then I might.

Yes, I know, it makes no sense at all, but there you are.

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