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LT Gallbladder worries!:(

S: 19st9lb
I was watching this Diet dicumentary last night and when they were talking about LT and the likes there was a woman saying she was rushed to hospital a few times and had to get her gallbladder removed because of it- she was one of many.
This happened to me last year but I managed to hold onto my gallbladder, but I'm terrified it'll happen again.

It's due to rapid weight loss, the pain is the worst thing i've ever experianced.
Can anyone clue me in or ease my mind.
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S: 19st9lb


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Hi daisy, i'm not sure if you remember nicki26 she was on LT last year but if i remember rightly she had this problem. She had a pretty bad time from it too, i think she posted a lot about it in her refeed diary, you might find out more from reading her posts. x
S: 19st9lb
Thanks a million Pinkie!!



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Hi Daisy,
sorry you are worried about this. Don't have information but didn't want to ignore your post. I have not had experience of it or heard of anyone who has, but perhaps ring LT directly if it is an issue for you as they should be able to give you more advice and see what was on the thread that Pinkiepie posted about above. Hope you get the answers you need soon.


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Hi Daisy
I watched the same program too. I just dont quite understand how LT caused this.
Being without a gallbladder now as I had mine removed when I was 28! This was due to being very overweight and very fatty diet. But, how the rapid weight loss can trigger this I just dont understand, because you are not eating anything fatty at all. There must be a medical reason unless they just wanted to point the finger at meal replacement diets.

Not much help, but just wanted you to not feel frightened, and like someone suggested, maybe speak to LT direct and ask them.

Yes, the pain is the worst I ever experienced...not pleasant at all and if it has happened before, maybe just check to ease your mind.

Take care
S: 19st9lb
The docs told me last year it can be triggered by rapid weight loss or gain, i want rapid loss though I jut hope this doesn't happen again!!

Thanks all:)


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...unless they just wanted to point the finger at meal replacement diets.
I really hope that isn't the case, but it wouldn't be the first time a programme has wanted to 'point the finger'.

It's still worrying nevertheless. Can you remember the name of the programme and what channel it was on? I would be curious to see it, perhaps on catch-up tv somewhere.


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Hi Pete

Not sure, but it was one of the terrestrial channels. It was on quite late, maybe just before midnight. It was actually looking at lots of different diets to be fair and meal replacements was one...but on almost every diet, they found someone that had been excessive and had problems...I felt it was just pulling apart every diet and how extreme people had become.

I dont even know what it was called, something Diet!


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hey, I had my gallbladder removed at 26. Hormones can play a part in getting gallstones as I actually started having problems with my first pregnancy at 16! Believe me, after 10 years of the attacks, I know why you're so afraid of the pain! it is excruciating. Not only that, but your gallbladder helps break down fat making it that bit harder to lose weight after it's gone. Losing weight rapidly may affect it, but in the long run surely it can only help to be eating sensibly and be at a healthy weight. Doing something about your weight now may well help you keep your gallbladder.

I hasten to add however, that what I know is only from my own experience. Maybe speak to a pharmacist or doctor to ease your concerns.

Take care.


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i watched that program too! it was called "when diets go wrong" and it was on bbc 3. it was a documentary by a woman (no clue who she was) that had lost like 15 stone through natrual means of exercise & healthy eating. to be fair, they didn't have anything nice to say about any of the diets. i did find it interesting though. although i would have loved if they would have had a few success stories instead of being a downer on every single diet out there!

some diets just aren't for some people, but they didn't clarify that!

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