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LT HAter pi**ed me off big time!Arrg


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Hey Gals,

I got so pissed off at the weekend as we had a get-to-gether with friends in a park chilling out and they all haven't seen me since I am on the diet so they were shocked when they saw me nearly 3 stones lighter thatn the last time.

I got loads of compliments from everyone and it felt great until this girl (she's a fiancee of a good friend which is SKINNY)
asked me how i did it.

When I told her that I was doing LT she was saying " Oh my sister did that and she lost all her hair. It is an absolout ridicolous diet and it is a crime that they sell this. It is basically like beeing anorexic and that she can guarantee me that i will put everything back on,just like her sister"

Most of the group were like "yeah fair enough but obviously it is working well for her so leave her, she looks great!"

And she was constanly nagaing about how stupid I am for believing this and actually paying LT to starve and do damage to myself!

I am very calm but at one stage I just kindly rised my voice and said " Well first thing, you have never been fat so how can you judge and second I tried everything on this planet and this is the right diet for me. And most importantly what do u think is worse?Being morbid Obese or loosing the weight?"

She shut her gob thn as she didn't expect that and everyone was agreeing with me but-Man- I was so furious!

I mean I am not complaining about her massive nose and that she should get it done.arrrrg!COW or silly goose as my 2 year old would say ;-)

Sorry I just had to let it out, I just find it ridicolous. How can you judge in the first place?!?

Thanks for your ear! :)
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Go u!! I hate ppl like that especially when they are skinny and have never had to have that fat feeling! There is no need to be negative, like u i have tried almost every diet there is and this is really working for me. I put off telling ppl i was on it i think i will once i have lost a couple of stone so atleast they can see that it works. Oh well done on your 3 stone off 2!
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You've got to wonder why she is being so defensive.
She in some way doesnt like the fact that you are losing this weight and everyone is saying how fantastic you look. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

So keep losing that weight. She'll turn purple and her head will explode :) happy days.


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Heheehhe, yeah can't wait!


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God....aren't 'know-it-alls' such delightful creatures! :p;)
I too haven't told anyone I'm on LT as I couldn't be bothered with all the 'Oh you'll just put it all back on' kind of comments. How the hell do they know!
As you said- they've probably never even been 1 single lb overweight, never mind obese and tried every diet on the planet (and then some! LOL!) Way to go for standing up to her, and high-five to your friends for telling her to back off! :happy096:
She was probably depending on her popularity to get them to agree with her and belittle you, so well done!! She was probably jealous of all the attention you were getting and had to have her little 'moment', which backfired gloriously! Wish I'd been there....:sign0151::rotflmao:


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Well done for standing your ground some people are just streight rude and i cant believe she actually said that if one of my friends no actually i know my friends wouldnt say anything like or they would be needing a nose job lol, people think oh people on lt is a quick fix and its a easy way to lose weight and its a wate of money, but it isnt its a way for people like me who have tried everything to lose weight iv learnt that its one of the hardest diet as you cannot eat and having the will power to stay on lt and lose the weight you have you should be verry proud xxx
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I know what you mean, I have also had people tell me 'now don'tlose any more weight, or you will be sick' where the hell were they to tell me not to put on anymore weight or I could die...........


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well done you, which i could be so honest i'm still avoidig the question, then if pushed say calorie control....which technically is not a lie!, but well done she probably didnt like all the attention and positive comments you where getting ! keep it up your doing great x


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Hi Tridi

Just ignore her hun shes definitely got something stuck up her ass! lol. Its funny how it is usually skinny people who have never had a problem with their weight that say things like that, i just remember that just because their skinny that doesnt mean their healthy! For example I have a friend who is about a size 8 but her body fat percentage is higher than mine! I would remind her of that little fact hehe.

Yes the programme can make u lose hair but all it is that your hair stops growing and some of this hair comes out, but it grows back again- its very rare anyways. As for starving yourself your not, your still living on the same amount of calories a day, its just your getting the extra calories the body needs through stored calories that your body is holding in reserve. Ignore her hun and dont let her worry you, lipotrim is perfectly safe otherwise it wouldnt be approved by doctors, pharamcist and european legislation, and we all know how doctors feel about diet fads.

Keep on going youve done extremely well and you should be proud.
Jodie x


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Lovin' the way you dealt with the skinny little ***** (comment made in an entirely non-judgemental way you understand :eek:)

Go YOU!!! xx


Here we go again!
Good for you. Why do people think just because one person put their weight back on after this, that the rest of us will? We're not all the same and some of us are more determined than others. How dare she tell you what you are going to do, pain in the a*** she sounds to me!

Stick to your guns and carry on as you are doing, you're doing great!

Like others have said, jealously is a very nasty thing!


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Hi Tridi,
Perhaps she's worried if you lose any more weight she won't seem half as thin. It can be a problem for some, they like having us larger ones around to make them feel better about themselves, sorry got a bit cynical there. Sounds like when you stood up for yourself, she backed down. Would you have not done so before, is this a new stronger Tridi than she's experienced in the past??

Hey Gals,

I mean I am not complaining about her massive nose and that she should get it done.arrrrg!COW or silly goose as my 2 year old would say ;-)

I laughed out loud at this part of the post as it is something I have dealt with, albeit not about weight, but someone I know can be very pass remarkable and it bubbles up inside of me to point to her affliction (which is what she calls other peoples differences) However I am restrained but it gives me a giggle when I think of it.
Well done you. Hope you have a good week, keep proving her wrong.


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Ahhhhhhhhh gals your words go down like oil (such a german thing to say, basically means your words are brill).

Yes it is jealousy and it is a new stronger me!In every aspect. Usually i really do not care what others think about me, but that girl jsut really nagged me. Anyway I brushed her off and it is more her problem than mine. I love my diet and I am feeling great and that is the main thing! If she has a problem with it, then that is her's not mine!

This forum is so great,thanks again girls!!! This diet would be way harder without this forum!


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Well done for sticking up for yourself. :cool: I wonder did she say 'I told you so' to her sister? lol, not very supportive is it?

Slim people just cannot understand the mental and physical pain of being fat (I hate the word obese lol). They think cos it's easy for them to control their intake it should be easy for everyone else.
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i have found that with my friends not one of them has commented on my stone weight loss (even when I told them how much I had lost, they didn;t even say well done). My mum and husband have told me to forget them and just be pleased with myself. i think people were comfortable as having me as their "fat friend" and now they see i'm loosing weight they are jealous.

Anyway don't let people like her put you off, i would rather be a bit over weight than be an ugly person on the inside, at least I can do something about be overweight!

Jules xx


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Hi Tridi
Oh, I would be saying to myself that I am going to lose even more weight to [email protected]** her off even more.
I think it is pure jelousy too!
I have had terrible comments from well meaning people who think the diet is wrong, but, like you say, no one comments when you are overweight and no doubt damaging your health!
You were getting such lovely, positive comments and basically she didnt like it and feel threatened by you! GO GIRL!!!


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Can't women be absolute b*ches!!! Your REAL friends will be totally thrilled that you are now looking so slim, so well and so happy! Still, that's certainly a way to weed out the undesirables!!! I have completed 1 week of maintenance, staying the same weight, not losing control and binging, so far....so good. But I'm aware that I, like most serial dieters, have a love/hate relationship with food and that if I'm not very careful from now on, I may slip back into bad habits.

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