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Lucozade alternative please


Better drink that water!
:cry: I am traumatised to learn that Lucozade is NOT FREE *insert temper tantrum here*

I didnt htink it could be but an ex SW member told me it was. I dont drink tea or coffee but with an 18month old that doesnt like sleep and a 4 year old that thinks the day starts at 5:30/6am I need something.

Any ideas? I'm pretty desperate. :(
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Diet Orangeade/sparkling orange is the best I can think of, sorry!
i LOVE pepsi max. its sooooo much better than any other suger free fizz. Other than that the only free energy drink is suger free (the light blue one) red bull.

p.s energy drinks arnt v. good for you though hun!

(says the pepsi addict...:eek:)
I drink Coke Zero and other sugar free drinks, but cant stand Lucozade (nasty experiences as a child!), I would try to avoid drinking any energy drinks Hun as they really arent good for you. How about a low cal squash and sparkling water in the morning??


Better drink that water!
Its stuff to wake me up. I did ok on free red bull. I gues I'll just have to keep going and get more exercise and hope that the energy from the carbs and exercise will help me more.
You really do need to be careful on enery drinks - I knew a girl ended up in hospital after collapsing because she drank too much too regularly. (I don't know HOW much that is, but it might be worth investigating before you drink too much of it).
Saw the girl who after 10 espresso's was having heart palpitations & was in hospital!
A little bit of caffeine isn't too bad, but it's easy to OD!

Once you wean yourself off the energy drinks, you'll find (hopefully) the best thing to wake you up is being really hydrated (loads and loads of water and sugar free cordial). Start the day with hot water with lemon and lime slices. And if you've got lots of healthy stuff in you (fresh fruit especially!) that will help you feel zingy in the morning.
I don't think caffine drinks are much different - I *think* (though could be wrong!) there is as much caffine in Red bull as there is in a cup of black coffee?? Summat like that anyway!


Well same as 'brewed' coffee anyway!
It's not the caffeine specifically in the Red Bull that was the problem. More the mix of caffeine and taurine. I think on the cans it says 2 cans a day max for safety.


The Minis Bad Boy
Hey Mrs. I am in the same boat as you. I have subsituted the luozade for sugar free red bull and it is doing the job. If you arent a fan of the taste mix it with some pepsi max. Yes you all read that right.

1 half red bull (SF), 1 half pepsi max = DELICIOUS


Better drink that water!
Crazy! Cant imagine that working! LOL Gotta be worth a try.

I am having a very small amount of SF redbull each day now. THanks.
Sorry hun, but I would say that if you are having to resort to energy drinks to get you through the day, you need to take a step back and look at your/babys routine. Its not good for you having to rely on sugar to keep you going. Try and make some changes to your lifestyle in order to make the day go more smoothly for you and wean yourself on these rubbish drinks.

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