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lucy's diary

I hope I can just randomly start a journal on here - sorry if this is wrong!

So, I weighed 13st 6lbs this morning, which makes me feel rather disgusted. I was doing sooo well before I moved in with my fiance, but I guess being happy, living three doors down from the chip shop, and the "man eating" Fiance does (you know, the ability to eat half a packet of biscuits and not gain weight) Just combine to make the perfect recipe for weight gain.

I'm officially starting tomorrow, but for comparison, here is a list of food i've eaten today:

Wasn't hungry first thing and ended up eating a chicken sandwich at 11am (450cals) A fruit salad (85cals) and a yogurt (100) oh, and three chocolate digestives (255) total: 890(ish)

lunch: at a local fair, hogroast (300?) half a packet of crisps (55) 100g of fudge (no idea, maybe 400) total: 755

Dinner: battered sausage and chips (700)

Total for day: 2345
oh dear, well theres the reason for gaining weight! on the plus side, when I started losing weight last time I was eating 3000 cals a day.

Anyway, feeling upbeat and looking foward to tomorrow.
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Hi Lucy.
Welcome to minimins. The support on here is amazing.

Are you going to be following a specific diet or are you just calorie counting? If you are calorie counting a great free website to use is foodfocus.co.uk.

I think the most important thing in any diet is to plan. Try to make sure you have some breakfast, even if you don't feel overly hungry. Breakfast really really is the most important meal of the day!

It's really great to see you feeling so positive. Keep it up!
Good luck with your weight loss hun
Do keep us updated on your progress!



jelly belly
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hi lucy, wanted to wish you lots of luck and look forward to reading your diary every day.
my diary is my savour and so many people will give you lots of encouragement

aw, thanks for the welcome guys! Already signed up to food focus, although I am probably the only person in the world who gets cross with it - It seems to tell me there are more cals in things than the packet says, and I also struggle to find the foods i want.

Anyway, Today we went back to the county fair with Fiance's mum and dad, which meant I was bought an ice cream by mum in law 2b, still i insisted on a small one, so not too much damage.

I also do a bit of "mystery shopping" at the wkend, and todays assignment involved buying a small glass of wine, so again a slip up, but nothing drastic. So here's todays list:

Yes! managed to eat it!
Bowl of cornflakes: 180

Mid morning:
glass of wine (lol) 200

tin of chunky soup (280)
bread roll (160)

ice cream cone (200)

Chicken drumsticks x3 (360)
boiled potatoes (150)
carrots, broccoli, peas (180)
Gravy (55)

grand total: 1765cals

Well, thats better. Damn that glass of wine! still, under 2000, which the dr assures me will lead to weight loss!

Tommorrow i'm back at work, which can get a bit complicated. I'm a cleaner in the mornings, and as It's only for 2 and a half hours I don't get an opportunity to eat mid morning, and at lunchtime I have to eat whilst walking up the road to my other job as a pre school assistant as I don't get a break until 3pm. As you can imagine, this leads to crazy cravings and the work biscuit tin looks very welcoming by the time the after school club have snack at 4.30pm.

anyway, we'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed. The hardest thing is going to be not eating after dinner in the evening - I don't know why, but my cravings are much worse after dinner and quite often last all night.​
I get most of my cravings on an evening too. I know it sounds funny but try staving them off with a drink. I normally have a nice big cup of tea right about the time the cravings kick in and it usually does the trick.
I know what you mean about the lure of the chippy. I live round the corner from a kebab shop and sometimes the temptation is unbearable. But stay strong and keep healthy.
With food focus you can create your own foods with their own calorie listing. I have to do that for most things because I live in France and have different products to the normal UK ones.

ah, yes, speaking of the chippy... Got home from work at 5.30pm starving hungry but had no food. Made a very grown up decision to go to the supermarket and get something healthy. Except, supermarket was crazy busy, got home at 7pm and I could smell those chips. Ended up ordering jumbo sausage and chips and stuffing the lot in my mouth.

I know the reason though, I should have eaten when I got home - even just a tin of soup or something. Grr, so angry with myself! And I had done so well the rest of the day. If wasn't so bloody greedy I wouldn''t have done it. Hell, if I wasn't so greedy, I'd be thin.:break_diet::sigh:

Anyway, heres the damage...

Fruit and fibre (200)
Yogurt (100)
grapes (60)

Sandwich (210)
Asda good for you crisps (45)
Cereal bar (74)
Grapes (60)

Raisins (110)
pink and white (50)

Jumbo sausage (400)
Chips (500)


Still, at least its under the 2000 mark... Just as long as I don't eat anything else tonight, which is going to be difficult as I just want to binge right now. I seem to get this thing when I break my diet of wanting to do it in style. I think "oh, well It's ruined now anyway, whats the point? I'll just eat this entire tub of ben and jerrys."

NOT tonight though. I'll have a mug of options hot chocolate (As stolen from silence's tea idea) and take a long shower to take my mind of it.
hi!, I know exactly what you mean about the evenings I used to also have tea or water instead but recently Ive been having cravings badly, so I eat carrots with savery dips its still quite healthy its just the dips that could be fatterning but its only a small tub so im sure its safe, I also saw that special k advert, so maybe you could have a bowl of cerial when you get hungrey I would like to know if it made you loose weight, I do alot of experimenting you know :p also have you thought about joining a gym? just an idea I go to the gym and does help! and it would help to cut out most of the junk food im afraid...good luck with your weight loss and keep positive! :)
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I was reading your diary and saw the bit about Food Focus so I googled it and it looks great. I have signed on and put it as my homepage so hopefully that will help. Thank you for that, I hope all is going well. Two bars of Green and Black chocolate and a whole chicken yesterday, didn't really help my diet but today is another day!
Hi! Yeah, I've been wondering about that special K ad as well, may have to check it out!

LOL, two bars of green and blacks? At least you did it in style!!

So, today. Today was in no way good. I have no one to blame but myself and my disgusting greediness. There was absolutly NO reason for eating 4 jammie dodgers, a penguin, two chocolate hobnobs and a slice of apple cake after lunch. I wasn't even bloody hungry!

God, I remember the last time I dieted, I stuck to my diet so easily. I didn't slip up once in the first MONTH never mind the first goddam WEEK. Stupid stupid greedy FAT COW. I ought to just give in to the fact that I am destined to become the worlds fattest woman.

Cheerios (170)

Sandwich (210)
Crisps (85)
Blue riband (99)
Grapes (60)

Post lunch binge:
4 jammie dodgers: 332
Penguin (101)
Cake (224)
Chocolate hobnobs: (160)
Pink and white: 50

Jacket potato 150
Turkey 140
Cheese 40
Mayo 43
Salad 30

total: 1854
:innocent0001: :devilangel: maybe I've got away with it...
Being negative won't help. Try to see slip ups as mistakes. Draw a line under them and start over. Stay positive and strong!

Being negative won't help. Try to see slip ups as mistakes. Draw a line under them and start over. Stay positive and strong!

exactly.. dont beat yourself up about it, its not worth getting upset or angry.. stay focused believe in yourself and tell everyone your on a diet it helps me to stay on track ;).
Yep guys, you are absolutly right! Had a much better day today, and feel much better about the whole thing.
Fairywings, I'm 5ft 9!

Cheerios 180
yogurt 100

Sanwich 210
Crisps 97
Cereal bar 74
Apple 50

Pink and white 50
3 celebrations (bloody work tin!) 75

Spaghetti bolognaise 600
Milky bar 134

Total: 1570 Yay!!! Am more or less at target for the day! Check me out! :superwoman:
Lets get to it!

Cheerios 180
Yogurt 100

Sandiwch 270
Crisps 97
Grapes 60
Apple 50
Jammie dodger 86

Pink and white

Fish fingers 135
Chips (oven) 200
Blue riband 99

Total: 1220
Lol, I'd better eat some more!

Tomorrow is my first weigh in. I'm feeling kinda nervous about it, I don't feel like I've lost any weight, but then Why would you in the first week? Anyway, Heres hoping! It won't take much to make me happy, 2lbs would be fantastic.
I lost 4lbs! :party0038: :clap: :happy036:

How on earth I managed that is something of a mystery with the amount of times i've fallen of the wagon this week, but YAY for me!


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Well done you !

Part of the journey is falling off the wagon and getting back on it ! I think that it has happened to most of us that are trying to lose weight by eating more healthily.

Try not to call yourself names - it's positive affirmations that you need to say to yourself "I can do this" not call yourself a fat cow !

Good luck :)
Thanks guys, it's so nice having some support on here.

So, Its Sunday morning. Mum had a body shop party on Friday, So I decided to have the "night off" And I didn't go mad! She cooked for me - BBQ style chicken and chips. And Later I had a handful of pringles.

Yesterday I didn't eat much, as we had a BBQ to go to last night. I had some cereal and an apple for breakfast, and a chicken melt pannini for lunch (Perhaps not the best choice in retrospect)

Did, however, eat too much at the BBQ. (Three burgers, but in two buns, and some chicken. Lots of salad and a slice of cheese cake. Doesn't look to bad written down, but I felt bloated and sick, so I should've stopped at the second burger!)

Today, I'm going to try hard. I've promised H2B that I'll go fishing with him and have a picnic, which Is a danger zone, but I think I've made some good choices. I'm taking:
A chicken sandwich (home made)
Walkers baked crisps
Fruit salad (from tesco)
A packet of boiled sweets to suck on when boredom makes me want to eat his fat laden (but yummy) Pork pies, sausages, real Mcoys and giant cookies.

So, not only do I have to survive an afternoon of fishing, but also the diet pitfalls involved...
Things have been going pretty well over the last few days. Yesterday I ate 1700 cals and today 1640 cals.

I've got pms from hell though, and I'm finding it soooo hard not to reach for the Ben and Jerrys (onestop have an offer on them, see it it EVERTIME i buy a paper!) Is it true that you gain weight before your period? I'm half expecting to weigh myself on friday an find that i've gained back all the weight I lost last week!

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