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Lucy's weight loss (and food) diary

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by LucyNewMum, 5 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Well-Known Member

    Decided to keep a little diary to keep me on track. Quick diet recap: Started at 16st10 after having my first baby in 2012. Got down to 13st, then fell pregnant. Had my baby girl in October 2013 and am now 15st.

    I'm attending a rosemary Conley class for the weigh in and exercise, but am basically calories counting. I need the weigh in to keep me motivated :). I started last thurs (30th jan) and first weigh in is tomorrow. I have stuck to 1200 cals so expecting a good loss :)

    Will update as much as I can :) good luck all out there x
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  3. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Well-Known Member

    Yesterday's food

    B- 2 ww toast spread with laughing cow light (170)
    L- chicken soup (210) bag of snack a jacks (90)
    S- mullerlight yoghurt (90) grapes (30)
    D- 2 Linda McCartney sausages, 2 small Yorkshire puddings, vegetables and gravy (390)
    S- options hot choc (50)
    Cups of tea (70)

    Total cals- 1100
  4. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Well-Known Member

    Food today

    B- 1 slice ww toast with laughing cow light (100)
    L- fresh tomato soup and laughing cow light (110) chocolate protein bar (120) apple (50)
    S- shape chocolate yoghurt (110)
    D- small jacket potato, laughing cow lights and spaghetti hoops (360)
    S- options hot chocolate (50)
    Teas (80)

    Total cals- 980
  5. MrsGinger

    MrsGinger Well-Known Member


    Good luck with your journey x

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