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luisa's xenical diary and then some...

Day 1

So today was the big day, started the diet, and so far so good. Totally impressed with my willpower not to nab the bag of mini cheddars sitting on my workmate desk this afternoon. Still, I am under no illusions that this won't be without its challenges, just hoping I can stick to it.
I've read a lot regarding xenical and I have to say this forum has helped me more so far in the last two days than the doctor did. It quite literally was a case of okay here give these a bash, and lauched a prescription in my direction. I've gained valuable knowledge from other users along with the do's and don'ts. So thank you to you all without I think I might have been spending some time in the loo tonight.

So todays food, kept it light, orange, grapes coffEe for breakfast tuna mayo salad roll for lunch, with yogurt and prawn pasta salad and a pear for tea, along with a ton of water. not bad for a first day compared to what I would normaly eat. Also managed 45 mins of zumba which was a first for me. Reading back I'm a little impressed at my effort there but I'm sure there will be room for improvement. Thoughts comments pointers will always be welcome

Okay I'm done, muchous loves

Lou xx:)
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I was about to try follow you on twitter but my laptop is being a pain in the neck tonight what is your twitter handle and I shall follow you, I can be found on twitter as @leahtova - warning tho most tweets tend to be rants about my stupid eye condition or numpties that annoy me or from next week tweets about uni work...
Day 2

@butter_on_toast i've found you now on twitter! user name is @luisawinter23. :)

Awsome day again today, although i did cheat with a handful of crisps when i watched Horrible Bosses, which by the way is a proper chuckle might I add.
So diet again, bannana on a roll for breakfast, grapes for snack, lentil soup and roll for lunch, and yogurt and then homemade soup for tea. Until i get a handle on what i can and can eat, then I'm stick with what i know. Does anyone know of good crisps that a within the xenical limit? Like proper crisps? This is my biggest downfall, keep your chocolate, i can survive without it, but crisps, i'm close to tears.
Also started The 30 Shred today; woah didnt half knock the wind outta me. I will have those abs please. i like it, i dont feel like a fairy prancing with my maracas. (no offend to those who enjoy/love zumba, it's just not for me) 30 day shred, bring it on!

P.S No side effects as of yet, so far so good!


Lou xx:)
Day 3

Another good day today. Totally feeling the burn today after the shred yesterday. Sare legs all around. It's strange, I know its only day three, and it's quiet possibly all in my head byt i feel different, like lighter some how, less bedraggled if that make any sense. Movement seems less of an effort, apart from the jelly legs of course hahaha.

Still no side efffects from xencial, i'm completley loving it, i had said in my blog post (attached to my profile) that i didnt have a high opinion of it, i take back everything i said, it's okay far. (little too soon to get excited?) It is waht you amke it, work with it and not against and your and your on to a winner. (still totally gagging for good crisps though:( )

Have also just completed day two of The shred, oh man, my legs are burning as we speak (or write), managed more oomph today though, like jumping jacks, yesterday was a little half assed due to all that wobbles, defo need a sports bra! And a stomach brace hahahaha, i dont know if there if even such a thing. but yeah, i went hell for leather, feeling good for it.

Diet again, same old, banana grapes, coffee for breakie, lentil soup and roll for lunch (no yogurt i forgot it!), and tea, well still making that decision. Fancy something amazing.......

hope your all well


Lou xx :)
hi and welcome to the forum :)

i tried the 30 day shred a few times but had to give in because of my bad hip :( it really is a great workout and you can def feel it the next day.

The only crisp type things you can have as far as i know is tesco light choices potato thins, they satisfy my craving anyway and so do the ryvita minis especially the salt and vinegar ones!!

Good luck with your journey :)
Day 4

Nothing exciting to report today, got a network day (a day where you can call working and say you dont feel like it and if there is enough holidays left you can have the day off, amazing innit? ) so no work for me. Mulled about the house, watched some tv, but in my chilled out stated forgot to shred, well annoyed at myself, but hey week one, still going strong.

Foods were good today

bannana and coffee for breakfast, grapes for snacks, salad, tuna and half cup of cous cous for lunch (didnt eat half the cous cous)

homemade curry for tea ( quorn, mushrooms, curry sauce - totally suprised it was under the 5g fat rule) and some rice. Felt like a right sinner, but everything was in the rule and no "orange suprises", so all good.

Feeling totally different, smaller and better about myself, I look healthier and slimmer according to the other half, but i'm thinking it's a biased opinion, but hey i'll take that compliment hahahaha. I'm seeing a difference, and i like it! Tomorrow, i am shredding for scotland :)

lovies for all

Lou xx
Day 5

I forgot my pills! Gutted! And i had half a pie! Totally on the guilt train just now. I did well all day the usual grapes, soup yadda yadda, then came home and thought ah bugger it, and had half a chicken and asparagus pie with a ton of veg ( I think the extra veg was to compensate for the pie) Its not the worst thing i could have eaten but it certainly not the best (22g per 100g) so i didnt take the pill when i got home didn't want to have that "orange suprise". So I'm having a seat right now, letting the tea digest then I'm gonna go shred some, i still have to make up for yesterday. Just have to be super good this weekend. Its okay to have a wee treat once in a while right? Or am i just trying to make that okay? hahahaha whooo knows.:confused:

Nothing exciting this weekend, have my friend coming over to stay tomorrow night for catch up, so prob just chill with the other half and the cat, something lovely about just mulling about the house in the pjs all day.

Okay its shred time.......wish me luck guys!

Happy friday, have a good weekend!

Lou xxx:)

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