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  1. Cypherkitty

    Cypherkitty Full Member

    Right Weighed myself this morning and I was 16 stone.. I am actually quite happy with this because it means that I have maintained over the last couple of months from a previous attempt at dieting, albeit a bad one.

    Half way through the day, I am knackered but not due to this, I wouldnt have expected to have effected me this quickly. I helped a friend who has recently just had twins, the dad has disappeared. I only got an 1 hour 1/2 of sleep and I have a full day of work. I could quite easily die right now!

    However, I am almost through my second ltr bottle of water. I have had my apple and cinnamon porridge... which I have to say was lovely, I did struggle towards the end to eat it all but I barely left any.

    I cant believe how thirsty I am.. its like my body is drinking and finally realizing that I am desperately thirsty.

    So I have 5 1/2 stone to lose, any one know how long on average that could take? Im guessing about 6 months ish?

    Much Love


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  3. lilly05

    lilly05 Full Member

    Hey I would think about 6months good luck with your journey x
  4. Cypherkitty

    Cypherkitty Full Member

    Well first weigh in today. I have completely bypassed the 15s and I am now 14 st 13 (.8)

    I can't actually believe it I am shell shocked

    15 lbs in one week im so happy!!!!

    This not only means that I have lost over a stone but it means that I now only have just under 4 1/2 stone to lose.

    This is such a boost!

    My partner sees the difference, im not sure if I can yet but still I am a happy bunny :)

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  5. Patsypal3

    Patsypal3 Member

    That's incredible! Well done Cypherkitty!
  6. lucyandsandy

    lucyandsandy Full Member

    Wow that is amazing!! I am only on day 3 can't wait to weigh in next Wednesday!
  7. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    That's a fantastic loss - what an incentive for the next week ... Well done. X
  8. Patsypal3

    Patsypal3 Member

    Cypherkitty Wow! Fantastic loss in one week! Well Done! Are you feeling ok physically?
  9. Cypherkitty

    Cypherkitty Full Member

    Thanks girlies. Im sure you guys will do great. I believe in you. Be strong xxx
  10. Cypherkitty

    Cypherkitty Full Member

    Week 2 weigh in - 3.4 lbs off this week!

    Im shocked really, considering I was really bad with my water over the weekend, So I am really happy. I am only 2.6lbs of my 1 st 1/2 award ^_^ so excited.

    However, I am having my low calorie week this week due to a few things. I am getting the need to eat real food. I am hoping having it this week will make me truly treasure food, and also we are having a treat at work tomorrow for a sausage sarnie. Now I know full well that I will come out of Ketosis for this, but it will be over the weekend when Im feeling rough so that's fine. I think ill do some exercise to burn it off and hopefully I will slip back in quicker. :)

    If I stay the same next week then thats fine. I dont have a problem.

    Just a question if anyone knows, the slim noodles, the noodles that are practically made out of thin air, can you still have them on total% as they barely contain any carbs at all, actually anything at all. Even just to add to the evening meal? Just a thought. :)

    Also I have quite a few soups that I cant stomach and I dont want them to go to waste. Im not entirely sure what to do with them, I feel like I have wasted some money :S
  11. zara877

    zara877 Full Member

    In regards to the soups you dont want. U could try flogging them on ebay. X
  12. Cypherkitty

    Cypherkitty Full Member

    Right I stayed the same this week. I am so happy about it. I looked at the scales over the week (I was so worried about it) and I had put on like 4lbs ... Luckily most of it I think was water and I am back to where I started. I am over the moon! I never thought I would say that.

    I will miss the real dinners :( I loved having chicken and lettuce and red pepper together with a little lighter cheese. It was divine, and actually lower in carbs than the prepackaged stuff from Exante. Still onwards and upwards, going through entering ketosis again over the last couple of days, its been hard, but more the hunger pangs than anything else. and a REAL want for food. I resisted. I was a good girl.

    So hopefully Ill be back in full ketosis tomorrow and be back on my way again ^_^
  13. Cypherkitty

    Cypherkitty Full Member

    So to update - on week 4 I ballsed up royally, I wasnt stupid, but I did have pizza and KCF 2 nights, I was quite shocked I only put 5lbs on because that was merely the amount of water I would have thought that I would have put on. So all in all I was quite happy (is that even possible?) that I had only put that much on.

    I started again this Monday, I have however changed the way I do things, I have the bar in the morning, with a shake at lunch but then I have a low carb (ketosis) meal in the evening, it makes me feel human, I know its not what I am supposed to do, but it works for me, and if my weightloss starts to stall again then I will change back, but until that time I am happy with this arrangement.

    If any one is actually interested what I have for dinner (this does vary but my love at the moment) chicken breast with a dollop of green pesto with grated cheese, lettuce and half a bell pepper! You have no idea how amazing it is! I am fully in love with it and it seems to have tided me over into Ketosis quite nicely.

    Even when I was out without any chance of being able to get a sachet of something, I nipped into tesco, grabbed a packet of roast chicken, and some babybell (and a coke zero) and that was a really nice simple tea. I maybe eating more calories, but it seems to be working so I am really happy with the balance :)

    Lulu out!

    I hope all you peeps are shedding the weight and doing really well. Best Wishes!!!
  14. Chunky Madwife

    Chunky Madwife Full Member

    I'm totally with you. I've had wee bits of food here and there - good choices rather than carb laden blow outs. If it helps, and stops you going off the rails completely then so be it.

    You will find a way that suits you: it's got to be doable. I think you are on a roll now though, so stick with it!

    The main thing is not to give up: the brain is always ready to trick us into just giving up and letting the weight pile back on.

    We are all in this together, and we WILL do it!
  15. Cypherkitty

    Cypherkitty Full Member

    hi hun,

    Yeah I have been wavering a bit over the last couple of weeks, this week I had a crash day on Monday due to my ME. So I had to have carbs, just a small portion of pesto pasta, but that was enough to make me feel a little better. It took me completely out of ketosis, but I needed to do it, its just a bit of a pain, but my overall health comes first so I am sure that it wont be long before I slip back in to ketosis again. *fingers crossed*

    Also a little bit of exciting news, me and my hubby are planning on having a baby, to start trying next month. I am so excited! I really want a girl but I know in my heart of hearts I will have another little boy. I know this is slightly off topic, but I am just so excited I had to tell someone because its on the downlow at the moment obviously, we dont want to build up expectations!

    *dances* Ive waited 8 years for another baby, is it bad that I really really want a girl?

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