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Lumps (soup, not mine!) - esp LL to CD folk

I'm on my first day of CD having done 100 days on LL and then gone on holiday.

I'm having my first soup - which although having a better taste than LL, is incredibly lumpy! I'm very secretive about the diet and don't want to start whisking anything in the office - any tips? I made a paste with cold water and then put in hot water, a bit at a time.

And is it me, or are they lumpier than LL soups? I'm having to break down the lumps by shooshing them back and forth through my teeth - disgusting!
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I don't get any lumps in mine. Was it the tomato one you had as i know you are ment to make that one into a paste first but not sure if it's the same for the others(I don't anyway) I have veg and all i do is measure out my hot water, put soup powder on top then use a balloon whisk for a minute or so. It's never gone lumpy :)


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Aaaah just seen you dont want to whisk things in front of people. Not sure what to suggest then really, did you use a spoon, maybe a fork would break down some of the lumps but not be as obvious as a whisk? :)

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You could always tell people if they ask that it is a cup of soup that it is lumpy and you need a whisk - as that is exactly what you are having!!
It was chicken and mushroom (quite pleasant, esp when compared to LL - except for the socking great lumps!).

May get mini metal whisk and go with the suggestion of brazening it out that it's a cuppa-soup. And maybe my technique will improve too!

Mrs V

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Try not to have the water too hot either - I found this out yesterday with the tomato soup - will never eat that one again!!!
The oriental one is quite nice...that does have veg lumps in it though, so don't worry over them!!!
i got a cup with a whisk in the bottom from ebay! It's cheap,pure genius, entertaining and does the job perfectly!
With the shakes it adds air so froths them up, with the soups they are all lump free and gorgeous!
think it was £3! xxx
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Eastiest thing to do with the soups.....

tip the dry powder into a large mug, mix with a little cold water till its a runny paste, pour on the previously boiled water and mix with a spoon or fork! Hey presto a yummy soup that has no lumps at all!!!

I do this with mine all the time ...even did it at a picnic on tues and it was fine! and nobody knows that you are doing nothing more than making a cup a soup!!

lou X

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