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Lumpy Shakes


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Hi, I have mine warm/hot and I mix them with a hand held whisk then I seive them, absolutely smooth.
For cold ones, I use ice cubes and blend, comes out like mcdonalds milkshakes...


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I got my hand blender for £4 from Asda


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My first few days I had lumpy shakes and they were awful!!!! Then I invested or should I say my mum gave me a hand blender! and I have never looked back!!
Enjoy it it does make so much difference x


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I've had a Bamix sitting on my side for 3 months that I've used twice!! Finally it's going to get some action!


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I've got blenders all over the place, one at home, one at my mams, one at work haha. I could never have survived either without it, how can anyone drink a lumpy shake yyuuuukkkk.

I remember years and years ago I was on the Cambridge Diet and all you got was a beaker to shake it about it. It was gross.
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i use a smoothie machine, my nanna got me it 2 years ago and im finally using it, it makes the shakes yummy and i have a hand blender for my soups x


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Ewwww can't stands lumps, Heres a recipe for perfect shake everytime.

1 blender
1 shake
3/4 pt water
8 icecubes

Blend for 20 seconds

yum yum


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Hold on a sec, AbFab, don't dash off and buy the first blender that someone mentions, lol - there's lots of different ones out there!

My own personal fave is Micromark - £12.99 on eBay - Micromark Hand Blender 2 Speed (White) 200W on eBay, also Other Small Appliances, Small Appliances, Kitchen, Home Garden (end time 21-Apr-09 13:53:04 BST) - two speeds, and a thousand times better than the Woolies one I had before! (Note:- very cheap doesn't always mean very good, either!)

But you do need a blender - I blend everything now. :)
:D I even blend my porridge before putting it in the microwave, no lumps whatsoever :D


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Yeah the idea was to show the type of blender rather than a way of convincing you to buy it.

How are the shakes now??? All smooth I hope xx

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