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Lunch ideas

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Hi :)
I'm new to WW but have always struggled with lunches - ideas and its the time of day where I want most to eat.

I usually just have chicken/tuna wholemeal sandwich, a piece of fruit and twiglets/WW crisps. But it doesnt fill me up for very long.

I was wondering if anyone else has come up with any tasty, filling lunches that I could try :)

I'm allowed 23 points per day, but only have 5 1/2 left today (as have already worked out tea - a heafty 12 points but we only eat this once every 2 weeks so I'm sure I'll cope having a lighter than usual lunch :p). Had 3 points for breakfast, 1/2 point snack, and 2 for milk.

Usually I would have a lighter tea, around 6 points. Combined with my breakfast which is normally 3 points. And so after 1x white tea with 2 sugar (2 points) 2x pieces of fruit as snacks during the day (total approx 2 points) and a WW dessert approx. 3 points, I have 7 points left over for lunch..

Any ideas what I could have for 7 points? Bearing in mind that I'm hungriest during the day/more likely to snack (hence more points for lunch) and that I cant eat mayonaise/cheese.

Thankyou in advance :)
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Here is one of my lunch dishes that I like and it is filling and it is only 6 points, 4 slices of bread toasted (4 points) with 4 low fat Tesco healthy eating smoked rashers (2points) fried onion in low fat spray oil (zero points) and sliced tomatoes heated in the microwave (zero points) and 4 egg whites cooked in a bowl in the microwave (zero points). put 2 l/f rashers in each sandwichs and put the fried onions, sliced tomotoe and egg on top in between the toast and you have a filing lunch, dont leave the tomatoes to heat to long or they go mushy and dont leave your eggs to long in the microwave they will go rubbery.


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i have some times a 150g part baked baguette ( the long ones and 3 rashers of ww bacon/2 sausages and some ketchup........ i loooooooooooove hot dogs! lol, just had one infact


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SOUP! It's so filling! Usually low in points so you could have plenty of yoghurt/fruit/bread to use up the rest of your points :)
Or alternatively, tins of spag hoops/baked beans on toast, that should fill you up.
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I second Angel!!!! Have a bowl of zero point soup along with your usual lunch, not only will it help to fill you up at lunchtime but research shows that people who eat soup for one of their main meals are proven to eat less calories throughout the rest of the day, than someone who hasn't eaten soup!

Other lunch options are omelettes, a toasted sandwich, a bagel, salads etc.

Jacket Potato's are really filling... you could have them filled with prawns, ham, beans, tuna etc.

Today I bought some Weight Watchers Petit Pains that are only 1.5points each. You could heat a couple of these up instead of your usual sandwich.


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Try haveing soup some of the heinz spring vegetable and chicken noodle soup only 2 points for the tin so could have some bread with it. so 3 points with a peice of bread.

I usually have quite a big portion of sugar free jelly mid afternoon 0 points with apple 0.5points and ww toffee yoghurt 0.5points that really fills me up a big portion for 1 point


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yeah I agree, jacket potato with tuna and loads of salad is under your 7 so you could have a yoghurt too and it really does fill you up!! I have either that or beans on toast on my "hungry days"


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If i am at home i usually have 2 slices ww malted bread 1pt with 1/4 can beans 1pt and a poached egg 1.5pt so total of 3.5 for very filling lunch.

If at work I bake a jacket spud either night before or before work, then I reheat in microwave at work and pile on a can of ww tuna mayo, followed by sugar free jelly. so filling!

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