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Lunchtime disaster

Before I started SW my favourite dinner was linguine carbonarra. I used to dice up gammon, cook it and add double cream and parmesan... pour over linguine and i was in heaven lol..

I am trying desperately not to have a chinese this weekend so thought I'd to a healthier version of my carbonarra and maybe that would stave off the cravings...

I used 85g bacon (HEb) fat free natural yoghurt and 28g parmesan (HEa) for the sauce... the yogurt seperated and all the cheese stuck to bacon and clumped....

It tasted OK but has made my cravings worse lol...

Just thought I'd share and warn anyone thinking they can cook yogurt to think again... it just goes all lumpy and looks 'off' lol....
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Mrs V

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I agree. Yoghurt is usually something you would "add at the end" of cooking, rather than cooking with.
Sorry you had a disaster Hun, but you will remember for next time!!


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Yes all the low fat versions are likely to split or curdle when cooked at anything more than a low temperature. I've read that you can stabilise the yoghurt by adding a teaspoon of cornflour so that may be worth trying.


Starting Again!
Traditional Italian cooking doesn't actually use a lot of cream/milk/ butter etc., it's just the British adaptations because we love the stuff!

The "proper" way of cooking carbonara is actually just with eggs. Here's a recipe I found for the traditional way, I changed it a little bit with regards to using bacon rather than essentially the "fat of the pig" and fry light rather than oil, also it's been translated from Italian so the English isn't brilliant!

Oh one last thing, where it says "
Break the eggs and put eggs and egg yolks" It means two eggs (yolk and whites) and two egg yolks.

  1. Put a pot with plenty of water on the stove.
  2. Cut the bacon into small cubes
  3. Break the eggs and put eggs and egg yolks in the bowl which will contain the seasoned pasta: add the cheese to taste and the black pepper, mixing quickly and thoroughly with a fork.
  4. Place the bowl on top of the pan with the water as if were its lid, for about half a minute, and keep stirring the mixture, so that it will become creamier.
  5. Heat the bacon in a frying pan the with a fry light and leave it to shallow fry on gentle heat, so as to to make it *sweat * as much as possible.
  6. In the meantime, as soon as the water boils cook the pasta and drain it making sure you do not drain it completely, and reserving a bit of the cooking water.
  7. Put the pasta in the bowl with the egg/pepper/cheese mixture, add more cheese and combine thoroughly, so that the heat from the water and the bacon will coagulate the eggs and - if necessary - add a little bit of the reserved cooking water to help coagulation.
  8. If you wish, add some more cheese at the end.
I've probably made it sound much harder than it is, but it's very yummy!

Wacky Jacky

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Hhhmmmmmmm........... ^^^^^ sounds pretty good recipe - I'll give it a try for Saturday tea-time - just hubby and I in so no-one to criticise if it doesn't turn out well for me! - lol - Thanks Squiddie!
thanks for all the replies.. thanks for the two recipes two.. plenty to be going on with hehe...

Nice to a see local dietter squiddie :) I'm in Stonehouse so not far from u hehe


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