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LUSH! Baths


This is the last time!!
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I was reading someone's post the other day about distraction techniques when hunger or temptation strikes, someone replied that their treat was a LUSH bath.

Well, I also love the stuff in Lush, and as I am feeling particulalry fed up right now, I have run myself a 'Haagen Bath' bombed bath, and I can't tell you how delicious it smells :D My sense of smell has rocketed since Ketosis kicked in. Next time I'm hone in UK I am deffo going to go in and stock up, what a great idea for a treat!

So, whoever it was who said about it, thanks for reminding me that I have a few floating round from my last (and very expensive!) spree there :party0011:
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lush is just heaven on earth... nothing better than a fabulous bath...

i love the bombs from lush with the rose petals in, cos then the bath fills with the petals


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OMG that is sooooo wierd!
Was talking to a friend at work yesterday about some body butter she was using & she said it was from Lush. All the rest of the day all I could think about was my Lush gift set that had been sat in the bathroom since January sales!! Last night I had a lovely long lush soak in the bath & again tonight! It is quite a pricey shop but, OMG, soooo worth it!
Enjoy your soak xx


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I got one of the fresh face masks at the weekend as my face has become quite greasy since starting cd - it is really great but only has a short shelf life and only a small tub -so was expensive at just under a fiver.


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
Shall I tell you a secret???

I usually buy the Bubble Bars or Bath Melts as you can just take chunks off them, meaning you still have a lovely smelling and bubbly bath, but you get about 4 bath's out of one bar :ashamed0005:

One of my faves is 'The Comforter' and they are HUGE! If you put a whole one in the bath you'd be overrun with bubbles. I cut them up into about 6 chunks, but the rest it depends on their size.

My big 'tough guy' Soldier hubby loves to relax in a fluffy bubbly bath, my 4 year old DS begs for a bubbly bath and loves to choose which to buy (usually goes on the colours!) and my crazy fool of a dog likes to drink the water of the bath if it has been 'Lushed' in any way!

I'm off to indulge, a Lush bath and a copy (albeit last week's!) of Heat magazine, bliss xxx


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ha. well i like the blue and white swirly one. is it waving not drowning? i don't know. i love the purple swirly bubble bar's smell better, but the blue and white swirly one relaxes me so completely i'm practically asleep after a few minutes!!

i have just been lounging in the bath with a chocolate shake, ha. reading stephen king's IT.. so it wasn't as relaxing as i intended :D

abz xx
I wish I could fit in the bath comfortably :eek:

I absolutely swear by Buffy the backside slayer body butter. Use a bit on your bottom and it smooths it out! I'm totally sure it's smoothing out my cellulite too!


please try again
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i love the fairy jasmine bath bomb ( glitters a bit odd thou ) and theirs a bubble bar that matches it ( cant remember the name hmm )
love the silky underwear powder.
wee one has the ikkle baby baff at times and the honey i washed the kids soap
infact i have a huge plastic box ( meant to hold a4 suspension files ) just filled with lush goodies

one thing i found with the local lush is when i take my wee one all she has to do is smile at em and we get freebies, she worked her magic 4 times on our last trip, lol
one thing i found with the local lush is when i take my wee one all she has to do is smile at em and we get freebies, she worked her magic 4 times on our last trip, lol

OOOO I have one of those smiley girl childs, might give her a go next time I'm in Bath shopping hehehehe!

Abz, net has been down hun, and I've been working covering 2 midwives who are on long(ish) term sick :( I did text ya ;)

I'm loving this thread now, I'm getting lots of ideas of what to try next. I must say I'm loving your box idea Sumayyah! ;)


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i went in with my friend and her baby and the same thing happened. samples galore!! ha.

i know you texted me, am glad you're back in the land of here :) so how's it going hon? and when are you coming over this way?

abz xx
Tehe - i'm glad my obsession has inspired you all! ;)

I have spent a fortune!!!!

I had a hot milk bubble bar bath last night! I too love the comforter! wow! I have a haagen bath thingy at home just calling me too! LOVE it!

I love the masks too - they only last like two weeks and need to be kept in the fridge but i use one everyday. Oh and in the new black pots, if you take 5 pots back you get a free mask! I lurve cupcake! I got cosmetic warrior the other day but the smell makes me gag (problem with heightened smell!) as it's got garlic in it so can't keep it one for long!

I may have to get some buffy stuff - it looks nice!

One last tip - I keep a bath bomb smelly thing in each of clothes drawers (esp underwear!) My bras are currently haagen bath, my knickers are a choc one and my socks are the comforter! Gert Lush! If i run out i put the empty yellow bag back in as the smell lingers too!

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