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Lying about your weight


Starting Again!
Hiya! Me again!

OK I just want to know if I'm the only mad one, and if anyone has any pearls of wisdom.

I lie about my weight to everyone except my Mum and on here (because no one knows me!)

I don't mean I say I'm 15st when I'm 21st, I mean I tell everyone I don't know what my weight is. When I was at group and my friends asked, I'd say I don't look at the display and asked for it not to be written in my book, and I'd just ask what my loss/gain was and in reality my eyes were burning a hole in the display!

Now I do it at home I tell them that my Mum just tells me how much I've lost so I can keep track. And when they ask how much more I've got to loose I usually say "about 400 stone!" and laugh it off and change the subject.

Thing is I've noticed I say I've nearly lost 2.5st and I can see my friends looking me up and down and thinking "that's quite a bit and you don't look that different".

It's not too much of a problem at the minute, but when I've lost 3, 4, 5, 6 even 7 stone and they still see I've got quite a bit to loose they'll do the maths.

When I'm at target or 1/2st away I'll admit how heavy I was, I'm just not ready for it yet. I don't want to see the reaction, I know all my friends will be positive and supportive, but they can't "fake" the look in their eyes when I tell them I started at 24st. That and the risk of them telling someone and them making comments.

I've was bullied about my weight at school, but never let it upset me or effect me in anyway I've always been quite tough and let it wash off me. Thing is I'm quite insecure and don't want to risk some irrational emotional trigger sending me straight into the ice cream and chocolate.

Only way round it I can think of is tell them I've lost less as time gets on. So when I've lost 1st I'll tell them I've only lost 4/5lbs. I just get so excited with any loss and tell everyone I see "I've lost 10lbs this week and a total of 33lbs in 7 weeks!"

Sorry, that was more like a rant, but I needed to get that off my chest.

Be kind!

Any advice?

Natt xxx
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Bring it on!
Doesn't sound like a rant at all.

I don't actively tell people (outside of minimins) what i weigh, my husband knows and kids know but no-one else. i do tell friends and family how much i've lost as i'm proud that i am actually sticking with it and seeing results. You should be proud too, you are going great guns!
I go to the gym and to start with i was thinking "they must all be looking at me, i'm so fat, thinking why's she here" then i realised actually i'm there to lose weight and tone up and that's what the gym's for, and they probably don't give a monkeys at 6.15am who's there lol. I don't think it matters if someone works out i was nearly 17stone before because i'm not now, and my friends are all really supportive so they are just with me whatever happens.
You shouldn't feel guilty about your weight, you're trying to change it and that's the main thing.
Just my mad Saturday ramblings :)


Starting Again!
Cheers hun :) I felt that when I go to the gym, I make my friend text me and tell me if it's busy. Especially in the changing rooms - I look like a boy as well as being fat! So can feel their eyes. But pennies have got tight (can't use lower body, well can't even walk! So can't use the treadmill, bike, crosstrainer, calf/thigh/abs machine - so it gets a bit pricey) so, I have a weights routine and invested in a hand bike so can get practically the same work out at home.

I am very proud of what I've done so far and hope I continue to loose at a close pase.

I might stop talking about it as much, then people wont ask questions!


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hi squiddie, no yr not mad- i do this all the time,i started sw 7 wk ago weighing in at 17st 2 and half pounds im now 15st 9.5 (oh my god i nearly died) my OH doesnt even know wot i weigh,and never will!!! its not stupid at all ur doing really well, wot i did was told a few of my close friends i weighed 15st(and to the average person thats quite abit)an told them i want to get down to 10st, that way ive got 5 stone to loose- when ive lost 5 stone and want to loose the other 2, i will tell them the truth cos i will hve come sooo far and be at 12st, surely if they are realy my friends they will be so pround of my results and how well ive done they wont care about the numbers!!!
all my love laura
ps keep ya chin up sweety x


Starting Again!
Cheers hun, that might be a good idea, tell them I want to loose say 4 stone, without telling my weight, then either loose a bit more and keep hush, then say I want to loose another 2st...

Or alternatively they can all f**k off and stop being so nosey!! :D


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well yea its nobody elses buisnes to be honest squiddie because yr doing BLOODY FANTASTIC!!! u will soon be at yr target in no time!!! keep up the good work- however im glad theirs no only me tht feels like this ( lets tell em all to fxxk off heheh)
laura x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
It's no one elses buisness how much you weigh! If anyone asks me I just say "I'm heavier than you think" and smile sweetly and walk away. (before I get chance to duff them up!) I would never ask anyone that! I'm happy to talk how much I've lost, but a nurse the other day "hoped I wasn't going to lose too much" when I said I wanted to lose another 2 stone. I don't volunteer my weight, that's for me to know, the only reason my husband knows is it's on the Wiifit.
Lets face it we all love you cos you're SO funny (and you are having a fabulous weightloss!) Your personality lights up this board.I don't care what you weigh,you're my friend! xx
Hi Squiddie's

I don't tell anyone my mate either, none of anyone else's business really. Neither would I ask what anyone weighed.

As for your friends, I believe that they will be so extremely proud of you when you lose your weight. Not only will you look amazing but you will feel much better about yourself. So what if they guess, they may have already done that. The important thing is that you continue on this journey with your head held high, believing in yourself, because your worth it!!


Starting Again!
Aw everyone here is so sweet, brings a tear to my eye - could be the eye drops!

I don't want to sound like I'm going yeah but, yeah but; because I'm not! It's just all my friends (all three of them) are 18-21 and all slim and image concious; my best mate says things like "I went to the Dr's today and I've lost 2kg and the Dr tells me that my BMI is too low" and it infuriates me! When we were much younger I had a sleeveless top on once, and she pointed to my shoulder and said "what's that?" (refering to stretch marks) and I just said "it's where I'm getting old". And changed the subject, never worn sleeveless tops since!

It's just one of those days, haven't slept, got a lot of morphine in my system and I'm in quite a bit of pain and so looking at the down bit of life. Not looking at the down side of SW though - I'm more detirmined than ever to get to target!

Just you think about these things every now and then!

Thanks for listening/reading, (...clicking on? turning up? whatever it is!)

Love to you all!

Natt xxx


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I too came to the conclusion that if I told people how much I had lost then obviously they could do the maths and work out that I was 17.2lbs
But I have to say im over it now, im 12.10lbs now and so proud that I have stuck to this, my old weight is just a number, it means nothing negative to me anymore, it just highlights my acheivement so far! If you think positively about your journey (because thats what it is YOURS no one elses) you'll see that you have made the decision to change your life and thats amazing enough as it is! you shouldn't feel bad about the weight you used to be because your not that weight anymore!
It doesn't matter what you decide to tell people about your weight as the people that really love you will only care that you are happy now, Anybody else isn't worth wasting your time being concerned about.

Yey for SW I love it!!!! Lol

Keep your chin up hun. Everyone here is right. You have the support of your mum and the guys on here. The group will support you and they don't need to know how much you weigh. I'm the same - my 2 best friends know (because they are both doing SW too) and my boyfriend only knows cos he looked at the food optimising book for food ideas and saw the section in the middle. I'm not happy to share how much I weigh but I don't feel like I need to. You carry on as you are if that is what you are comfortable with and tell only the people you really trust. No-one else needs to know. And if they keep nagging just tell them they need to respect the fact that you don't want to tell them and they either do that or go run and jump (if you know what I mean).

Keep up the good work, sounds like you're doing fantastic xx
*guilty* i used to do that also. Especially before i was dieting and someone would ask, with that tone of voice that implys they'r concerned about my weight or health in some way.

My problem now is, i am happy to admit how much i weighed before.. but again i am only 3 pounds from target.. but somtimes when people say ' how much did u lose this week' or 'how much more do u have to lose' i feel like saying ..'do u think i need to lose anymore, how much more weight do you think i need to lose' ..' what makes u think i wanted to lose this week?' i know this sounds a bit crazy and insecure.. but sometimes i wonder when the day will come and someone will say ' you dont wanna lose anymore.. you look fine as your are' .. it would be nice. Even tho i appriciate they are just asking to show an interest and support, but somtimes it makes me feel like they'r implying i still have wieght to lose?

its difficult, because the whole journey is difficult and it can be easy to take what people say wrong. If you want to keep you weight a secret, then that is your choice, and it is for no one else to know anyways, unless you wanted them. Iv never had anyone ask me how much i weighed when i started.. and i would never ask anyone else, thats just rude! asking how much you'v lost is different.. but asking for a specific weight? hmm.

I'l never forget when i'd just hit my 1st stone, and my mum told my sister, who has always been skinny, and yet supportive of me, but she looked me up and down and said 'really?' clearly you couldn't see it yet.. but it hurt.

i dont like discussing my weight loss, or weight in general with people in conversation especially people i havnt seen in a while. i dont like the fuss and i'd also not like to remind myself that from peoples reactions, its quite clear i must ahve looked huge back then.

i think u should just carry on the way u are, it is ur choice,.. they dont need to know, and ur doin somthin amazing by doing somthing about it in the first place. One day you'l stand up and maybe you'l want to tell everyone how much you originally weighed in at, when you a slim jim lol! .. but thats for when ur ready to do that, not now.. and as you said, your not ready to be telling people that.

Theres things about me that people i am close to still don't know, and some do.. but it is my choice who i tell and if its not relevent, whats the point in putting myself out there like that? so i understand. and i really wouldnt fret. i think your doing fantastic and you should just tell everyone to stop being so nosey! :px xxxxxxxxxxxx


Slow but sure....
Even my husband doesn't know how much I weigh, he 'guesstimates' my weight at 18sts (I'm 20sts 5lbs at the moment) so I let him think that.....only my GP, and you people on here know my true weight and so does my daughter now because she needs to lose weight too and I have been praising SW to her to get her to join.

But I think your weight is your own personal business anyway and why should anyone else know it - I have had so many rude remarks about 'who's been eating all the pies' etc, that I have no intention of ever giving out my true weight, I have been hurt so many times with cruel jibes.

I have such a mountain of blubber to lose that it will take 3 sts or more before anyone will 'see' a difference although I know my face is looking better - and I am sure I've lost a chin......

So don't give out your weight to anyone, I just tap my nose and say "that's for me to know and you to find out"!!!!

You have our support on here Squiddie and even though we know your true weight we will never pass judgement, we only give encouragement, motivation and praise here, so stick with us sweetheart......we are your true dieting buddies and we'll get you through at the same time getting us through to our own personal goals too.

Then we can all proudly tell everyone what we weigh. X
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Starting Again!
Thank you all again so much.

I think my plan of action is first to get some sleep and get over it. And basically keep doing what I'm doing. When I get to target I'll reveal all, because I want people to know how far I've come.

Does anyone else ever get the comment "you wouldn't look right thin"? I know I've got the build of a rugby player thats let themselves go, but I still think it's a bit rude.

I also just want to say how much I appreciate everyones support, I know we're all individuals and have our own lives and own problems and own weight loss goals, but it is SO refreshing coming somewhere with people of all different races, genders, ages, sexualities, shape, size, (dis) ability's, mentality and personality and everyone gets on. Everyone is so supportive and friendly and welcoming and nice or at the least tolerant of everyone else - I wish the world was like this forum!

Love and kisses,

Natt xxx
I have told anyone who asked my weight from start and along the way. For me it is about admitting I was a big fat lump and dealing with it. As I have gone down in 7lb stages I have found it has kept me going and when people ask what I have lost I always tell them my starting weight and what I am now, followed by how much more I want to lose.
I do get a lot of "oh you don't need to lose another 3 stone" not sure if they are being polite lol but underneath this blub is a petite person fighting to get out and the day I can say I weigh either 8 stone something or 9 stone something is the day I will say I am at Target :) Funny thing is I know I will get there this time and am thoroughly enjoying watching the scales down - I even take a pic of my phone everytime I hit the next stone bracket (how sad is that) lol

Roz V

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Oh Squiddie, how I so agree with you, if only the whole world WAS like this forum! Sadly, it isn't and never will be. But you just keep right on posting, getting the support you need, and helping US every day with info and ideas. The pictures you post are so valuable too.

Just stick with it - you'll get there, we're all right behind you. Talk to you soon (probably at 2am or some other ridiculous time!!!).
Does anyone else ever get the comment "you wouldn't look right thin"? I know I've got the build of a rugby player thats let themselves go, but I still think it's a bit rude.
yep, iv had that one.. and i was mad at the time.. but then i had to remind myself that people associated me and my personality with my weight, so there-for maybe they just assumed without my fat exterior, i wouldnt be the same person. Which i hoped i would still be, but i have deffinatly changed, but that was inevitable, and i would only hope it was for the better, i think so anyways..

*hugs* your doing fab, and from reading your replies i think deep down you know what to do, and how you feel about it etc.. somtimes you just need someone else to help you find the answers you need. You have a greta outlook on things and your an inspiration. xxxxx

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