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Lynda - Back from hols- disgusted-ready to rumble

Right a week wasted!!

The same as last week. Pretending I'm following it and then not!!

So here we go.

Started with 2.5 points of puffed wheat and skimmed milk.

18 points a day!



Mini-Addict :)
Hi Lynda :)

You can do this, not always easy to get started but once you have, and the pounds are dropping off, the feeling is truly something else :) I've lost 18lbs in the last 10 weeks on WW and it's great!!

All your mini mates here are behind you and we'll keep you going :) xx


plodding away
Do not dispair Lynda. As Lainie says getting started can be difficult but you can do this.

Tomorrow is another day, can you plan some menus in advance to get you going? Even just planning tomorrow for now would be a good start.

Back in March when I started and restarted several times before I eventually got myself into gear and joined a class, that did the trick for me and now I'm nearly 50lbs less, something I didnt feel was possible back then.

Be kind to yourself and just start again, you can do this


Need To Downsize!
the first 10 or so days for me where hell and took some real control but now i find its as if its the only way i know how to eat, with the odd Blip but Thats Life as they say. Hang in there and use the forum theres loads of people on here to help anytime day or night
Thanks people. Had 2 good days, sticking to points. I went to the seaside one day, and ate really unhealthily, but within points! Mum and Dad came yesterday and my 10 year old daughter cooked for us all. She did brilliantly! Not low on points though. My Mum looked so slim, with weightwatchers, been member for years, Stood on scales and lost half pound. Not brilliant, but been really ahrd few days. Only half a week. No reasons/excuses left now. Kids with their Dad today, so need to get out and walk or cycle rather than sit at home and wallow! I hate bank holidays, and hate going out in them, world seems to be full of happy families for a day. Just want to sit at home, binge, cry and watch crap on TV. Even worse without the girls!! Have to remind myself it's only a day, and I'll feel worse for bingeing! Tomorrow is spent with my eldest. She has spent the summer holidays in plaster after breaking a bone at the end of July. Hopefully it's coming off tomorrow. She wants to go on a activity week with the school on 12th. I just hope this is still possible. We'll then go shopping for it together if she can still go. That will involve lunch out, but sure we'll find something i can point. Then abck to work Wednesday, kids back Friday. Can't believe how quick that rainy 6 weeks has gone!!


plodding away
A loss is a loss and 1/2lb is not to be sniffed at.

I hope today has gone well for you. It must be difficult but there are lots of people not in families or couples, its just when we feel low it seems like everyone else is having a good time. Its only one day and tomorrow will be here soon. Have some much needed time for yourself
Not lost anything!

Food diary as well as weight loss diary coming up. Tell me where I am going wrong.

B - Porridge 2.5
B/f bisscuit 1

L - ww pitta and salad 1.5
hb nob 1.5
velvet crunch 1

D - chicken 3
ww/sauce 1
rice 2
ww rice pudding 1.5

S - Extra milk 0.5
Hot choclate 0.5

Total 15.5/18

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Tuesday 14/9

B - Porridge and milk 2.5
cereal 1

L - ww pitta and salad 1.5
velvet crunch 1
nectarine 0.5
chocolate square 2

Gammon slices x2 7
Turkey slices x2 4
carrots 0.5
Cauliflour cheese 1
Gravy 0.5
Stuffing ball 1.5

S - Hot chocolate 0.5

23.5/18 debit 5.5. Owed 2.5 so 3 over to be made up. Shouldf be able to do this no prob. Went to gym yesterday and will go again tomorrow too.

Want this so much

Me and little one are on our own this week. Big sister is on a school trip. Easier for cooking as big sis is veggie. Promised her we would go to fave place for tea. Carvery. It is cheaper than making ut muyself. But mre fattening. Gone over but owed 2.5 from yesterday and can make up.
Wednesday 15/9

B - 2 slices bread 3
jam 1
Pickd at kids cereal 1

S - ww pitta bread 1.5
salad 0
chocolate 2

L - ww Pitta with salad 1.5

D - steak and salad, mustard and balsamic 4
Bowl of mixed berries 0.5

S - Hot chocolate


Only 0.5 point behind now

Hour workout at gym
Points not counted
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if you're exercising at gym, are you making sure you're replacing all the water you're losing? just if you're dehydrated you can affect your weightloss x
Thanks BW, I do tend to drink plenty of water at the gym. 1.5 litres at gym yesterday. Went in the sauna after too. LOvely. Juat had a muffin with philly. A bit daft, but was luvverly, and will cut down elsewhere

Right, today has been a rubbish day. I don't know why but I bought little one some fudge. I love fudge. so who did I buy the fudge for. I had 2 bits. Could ahve been worse, at one time I would ahve eaten the lot. So today

B - Porridge and milk 3
Picked at daughters cereal 1

L - Muffin 2.5 philly 1

S - Fudge 4
meringue 1

D - beef 5 in free stock and BNS and cabbage

S Hot chocolate 0.5
raspberries 0.5
meringue 0.5 jelly 0


So now I owe 1.5. So much for catching up. But I will. Felling fed up to be honest. Not seen boyfriend for 2 weeks. Usually sopend every other weekend together but not seeing him til next week and it always makes me fed up. Also eldset daughter is on school trip for 7 days. I am really missing her. But enjoying not having the stress, and she really is stress at the moment. Then feeling really guilty for thinking like that. What if something happened to her and the last thing I had thought was I enjoyed spending time alone with her sister. And why am I getting my knickers in a knot about it. I love her, I miss her, I'm enjoying time alone with her little sister. It's no big deal. I don't think there's been a day where I haven't felt guilty since they were born.
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Had 3 of daughter's friends round. Four 8 year old girls. And they don't stop falling out!!! AAGHH!!!

So for food

B - Puffed wheat

BAnana 1.5

S choc 3

veg soup 0
Bread 1.5
jaffa cake 1
Jelly 0
meringue 1.5

Veg soup 0
bread 1.5
meringue 1.5

Total 14.5/18

So amde up the 1.5 and saved a further 2 . Considering how fed up I am feeling at the mo that is not so bad. I ahve seen a job I should apply for. I spent hours doing the form, then read the letter that said 6 month fixed term with a view to becoming permanent. Oh poo!! What does htat mean. My job msy not be up to much but it is better than nothing. Can't affod to risk it.
Went to MK centre with LO. Her big sis is due back this affer.

I am eating when I shouldn't Stupid me. And promised big sis a kebab later too.

Porridge 2 milk 0.5
Skinny mocha 1

Subway veggie delight 2.5
with cheese 1.5
Then I ordered a crepe with apple and cinamon. I don't know why. I really don't. I saw sense after eating a third and quickly ditched the rest. I am guessing 2
Then a bough big sis's fave profiteroles. I ate one as I put them in the fridge. 2
Then I bought her fave cereal and picked at that 1, Just can't be trusted.
Chicken Kebab 4
Chilli sauce 1
6 prawn crackers 1
2 spare ribs 2

Cereal picking 1
#Hot chocolate 0.5

Really gottsa stop it with the picking. This is where I am falling down

Total 21/18

That leaves 1 pt to make up tomorrow. Really hope I've done enough this week. Last week is the last day
SUnday 19/9/10

2 eggs 2.5
Bread 1.5
Picked at cereal 2

I was on the Downs. It was like Kiterunner up there. I spent 2 hours running round after 2 girls with kitews and relaunching them for them. Must have burnt a few cals.

6 chips 1
1 bite of flapjack. I so wanted it all. It was the best flabjack I ahve tasted in a long time.

Roast lamb 6
Cabbage 0
Broccoli 0

S Hot choc x2 1
Milk in tea 1


1 made up from yesterday.

That makes me 1 pt down on whole week. Please, please let me have lost weight tomorrow at weigh in. Pray or cross your fingers or whatever it is you do for me tomorrow please. I will be inconsolable if a lb hasn't gone!!

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