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Lynn's first weigh in

Thanks Tange
I got bit upset because i should NOT have gone on the scales this morning at home and said i lost nearly a stone, but after all it is going down. I wont be going on scales at hoome anymore that is the number 1 rule for me from now on then i cannot get disheartened, but i am happy now, sitting down thinking about it, at least it did not go up, good luck everyone else.
Thank LS.I know its just be being silly, but i do feel better now, just had some Thai Chilly soup with Tabasco, wow that did give it a kick i loved that, its weird that these taste sooo much better with an added ingrediant.
OH is making me go on the exercise bike every night..lol, he has had to cut it down so i can reach the pedals me being a short arse..hehe
Nice one mate, I knew you'd do well! I hope I lose that much... getting quite nervous about it now!
Very well done on your loss:party0011: thats a great start.


Guess who's back...?
Woohoo!! That is incredible!! I used to weigh myself at home too, but they always say I've lost far more... toooo disappointing at weigh-ins!! Keep on the programme and the weight will be gone in no time!! A x
Well done Lynn!! That is a crackin start!! ANd good on ya for losing the home scales!!! Seen too many people get their hopes dashed, it is just not worth the agro, so good on ya!!

Keep focused, and you will start seeing big changes coming your way!!! :)
Well Done Lynn!!

Keep at it huni!

Well done that is a great start. Be proud of yourself you got through the first week WELL DONE!

I am not using my scales EVER!! maybe give them to a friend or family to keep while your doing this so you never get tempted. I know I can become a slave to them so I have given them to my mum!

Right must go to shop and buy ice, Tabasco sauce and some bottles of water to carry EVERYWHERE!!
Thanks everybody for your kind and encouraging words, today i am happy with the loss, my mate who is on ll says its really good for a start and it will go up and down but im sure to lose a stone a month.
I think because my oh lost 11lb on his first weigh in i was thinking i will be the same, but he is a man and they do get it easy grrrr...lmao
Hi Lynn

Your friend is right - if the plan is followed - you will lose a stone a month.

It's very frustrating, the rate that men lose - so yes, don't base your expectations on hubbys results. It is, I am certain, one of life's most unfair injustices - the rate that men lose weight! Booger them!!! :D :D :D

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