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Made a decision! changing to 790!

Have been struggling on SS for a couple of weeks. I can't stop nibbling. Am good one day then ruin it all the next, so I made a decision tonight.
Tomorrow I am gonna see my new CDC and say I plan on going 790 from now on. I am also going to join the gym. I have been thinking about it for a while and now its time to stop procrastinating and do it!
I haven't had an official weigh in this week, but I think at best its only a couple of pounds and I know its my own stupid fault. Hoping that going onto 790 and having my meal at my trigger time (tea time) will help!
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The Diet Guy
790 is a great way to lose weight and the difference in losses between that and SS are small.

It also is much easier than SS if you are struggling as you get that little evening meal to see you through.

Good choice and well done and you will soon be at goal weight.



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Hi Nicky

I've moved on to 790 today because I was starting to find SS a struggle too.

Everybody says the difference with losses is minimal so if thats the case then i think its definitely worth it.

Good luck and let us know how you get on
You already know Im a convert to 790, shout if you need owt x


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Oh good another person doing 790.

I am still officially on ss as its only the start of wk3 for me. But tonight I decided to have a 790 meal of cottage cheese served on some mixed salad leaves with a little balsamic vinegar followed by a cup of tea with a splash of milk.

I felt so full up and satisfied after that and I still have one more pack to go. Oh and I dont know if it is coincidence but I have just had a really effective bowel movement(sorry if tmi).

My only worry is that by allowing food in I will open up the floodgates and I may be tempted to eat more or deviate from the 790 list. We eat a lot of salmon, trout and mackeral in this house. How long would it be before I was joining in.

My other thought was perhaps I could do some ss days and then turn to 790 when required. I have a feeling the official answer to this would be no.

Sorry Spooky I have totally hi-jacked your thread with my ramblings. I look forward to hearing how you and the other 790's get on over the next few days.

Good luck


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Hi spooky & jacsprat

i have moved over to the 790 and this is my 2nd day and its great.
i thought i would want to eat all day today after my evening meal the night before but i didnt. i think i am one of the worst for eating large amounts and also picking in between meals, but when i think about how i controlled my eating on ss plan for the first 3 days when i was hungry, it shows i do have self control and its these actions that need exercising for success in the future.
its is still early days for me as i have only been on the cambridge for 10 days but making progress.

good luck to you guys i shall look out for how you are tgetting on


Mrs Depp

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Hi I'm doing 790 as of tomorrow too. I did actually decide to start yesterday but gave in today and had some chicken with a bit of salad (I think I need that little bit of food even though I managed to SS last year).

Hope we're all successful with our 790 route! :D:D


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S: 17st11lb C: 16st9lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 1st2lb(6.43%)
This 790 thing really seems to be taking off.

Do you think we could have a 790 sub section like the restarters have?

Just a thought.


Fed up of being fat
When I first started 790 a few weeks ago I must admit I felt almost like an odd one out ... lol .... as not that many were on it at the time ... Im starting to feel a bit more a part of it all with more people doing 790.
I can go with that, when i started SS then 790 was a way up the stages, now I realise that its a great way to lose the weight with a family meal added at the end of it.

I wouldnt change my ss months for anything, I am so grateful for it getting me to here, however 790 is fab for me now x
after a week of thinking about it a blip last night (had fish and hips, but ended up not likeing the chips and batter so only ate the actual fish lol) i am changing to 790, i am 9lbs away from bmi 25 and was getting so depressed on ss that i realised this would be the way to go, fingers crossed i still lose wieght, although it sounds like some of you are doing brilliantly on it so feeling positive
what meal is on 790??

hiya folks.....

First of all I want to wish you all the luck in the world on 790, you all sound very positive about it. I know some of you have been 790'ing for a while and it has worked big time for you :party0011: which is very inspirational for newbies like me ( into my fourth week of ss ).

I was wondering if 790 is the same as AAM week? If not, what is the difference?? :D

cheers ears xxx


Water water everywhere
I have more clients that do 790 than sole source, people seem so relieved when I tell them about the 790 plan and that they can eat and still have good weight losses :)

We could do with a 790 recipe booklet, wouldn't that be fab!

(there's not already one is there? :eek:)

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