Made a decision ;)


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Well after sitting down and trying to sort out the sorry mess I find myself in, I have made a decision about cambridge!

I have enough sachets left to take me through a month having one a day. So a sensible breakfast, shake/etc for dinner and a proper healthy small meal for tea.

I know my weightlosses will be smaller, but I wont be able to afford the wine or takeouts anyway, so I wont be eating as much lol.

So, im gonna take myself over the general board and calorie counting board and see if I can come up with some ideas to suit my needs, recipes and things.

But i'm not gonna leave without saying, you guys really are the best! The support is amazing, and i would love to check in from time to time to see how you are all doing.

So thanks guys.....thanks zillions :):cry::):cry:

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Wishing you well on your dieting journey, you will do it x

Trim T

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Good luck Alison, at least you plan to stay on your weight loss journey, i wish you all the luck and success in the world hun xx


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Sounds like a really sensible way forwards :). All the best with it.


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Aww Alison, we are in a similar situation which is not nice but at least we still have the determination to lose weight, hopefully that will be enough to carry us through and stop us comfort eating!

I wish you all the best hun and hope you succeed with or without cd.



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Take care and good luck. Keep us posted with how you are getting on with life and weight.


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aww all the very best to you!
your losses will prob be better than you think!
wishing you luck, keep in touch!!


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Sounds like the best plan for you, good luck!


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good luck :)


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Awww we will miss you. Good luck and I do hope you will continue with your you tube videos. xxx