Made a HUGE decision


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As many of you know i have beenstruggling to get back on CD for about 2 - 3 weeks and am failing every time. I started LL in April and have lost 6 stone, which i am very proud of although i still need to lose about 2 st. However i really feel like i have come to the end of the VLCD road for me so today i have joined WW.

I hope i can still post on here as i have met some really nice people and love all the support that you guys give.

First i would like to say that doing VLCD has been the best thing i have ever done and i really feel like i have got my life back. Also i would like to say how much i admire all you guys that have been on the plan for a long time and the others that are getting back on it. Like i say i really feel like enough is enough for me, every time i start and then cheat by the end of the 1st or 2nd day i beat myself up about it and get depressed and annoyed with myself which in turn makes me eat. Another thing that i do not want to happen is that i start eating in secret again so i have decided to be upfront with people about what i am doing.

I think i need to reflect on what i have acheived and how far i have come instead of punishing myself about not getting to a silly number on the scales. I am sure that eventually i will get there and ok it will take me longer with WW but as long as i continue and do not gain that has to be a good thing. I have gone from a dress size 28 to a size 14-16 which is pretty fantastic i hope you all agree.

Anyway i feel as though a huge weight has been lifted and the pressure is off me now, thing is now i can eat i really don't crave the things that i thought i wanted, i think i was just trying to comfort myself for feeling so bad about cheating if you get what i mean.

Thanks again for everything and i look forward to posting on here with my progress at ww and hopefully sharing some advise and experience with others about my journey with LL and CD.

Lots of love Busy XX
Busy - you make sure you keep us posted on how you get on with WW, hun. This is a weightloss forum for all diets, not just vlcds. You've done brilliantly and I have no doubt that you'll be just as successful with WW.

6 months on a VLCD is something to be really proud of - of course you can keep posting - silly!!!! :D

You have done absolutely great and i think you have done the right thing going over to ww. There is no point trying to do something that isnt working - you have come to the end of the road with VLCDs but not your weight loss journey. Keep going and keep us all posted!!!
Oh Busy...I'm so pleased.

Keep us up to date with your progress :)
Hi busy
You have done really well congrats on you weightloss so far.
Please keep us posted on you ww journy.
Good luck.
Looking forward to reading more of your posts
Thanks you guys, i am so touched by your lovely replies. Thing is i really feel like its an end of an era for me and its pretty scary you know. Anyway thanks again for you contiunued support and i will most certainly being posting my progress, you try and stop me.

Lots of love from a happy but tearful Busy XX
You've done so well! Excellent news that not only are you doing WW your staying with us as well.
WW is fab and you'll lose that extra 2 stone in know time while learning after 6 months to eat again.
Well done only hope I'll be where you are now in 6 months.
Kam x
Sure you will Kam honestly VLCD is the best thing i have evr done and i kow i shall never go back to being that fat miserable person i was before.
Hi Busy - you have done so well :)

and I'm sure you'll make it to goal - sooo glad you're not leaving us - cos I for one really love reading your posts :D

Thanks Debz. Just because i have finished CD you don't get rid of me that easy:D Lovely to know that you enjoy my posts, shall deffo be posting lots more in the future so watch this space.
Well done on your decision!

I love the WW meetings. Really enjoy them.

Good Luck!

Seems really logical to me anyway that the method that suits one part of your weight loss journey might not suit another part of it. VLCD got you off to a brilliant start of 6 stones lost (big well done) and now you've come, through experience to realise that WW is the way forward for the rest. You can't get all the way to France in a car, you have to get a ferry too. (er..sorry...crap metaphor!)

Anyways- good luck and still see you on here.
I think you have done fantastically well and I congratulate you on making a decision that is suitable for you, so many stop and dont make the right decision and you have, well done and keep posting!!!!!!!
Hi, I've noticed that as people do get close to their goal weight often they struggle with SS. I went through nearly a month where I really thought that it was the end and I kept starting and stopping. I said to my DH that I just couldn't face it anymore. The only reason I went back to SS is that I saw a load of photos from my bro's wedding and I was a lot bigger than I thought I was - straight back the next day!

I think that SS is hard emotionally as well as physically. I felt that I stuck to it when the benefit of losing the weight outweighed the pain of being on it. As I got nearer my goal weight and crossed the mental 'hey I'm not fat anymore' barrier, then SS was less attractive and felt harder. I also feel it's your body's way of saying enough weight has been lost for it to be OK ( if you ignore cosmetic slimness and bmi's). When you try and continue with SS past that point it is very difficult and feels impossible to do.

The wedding photos gave me a 'hey, you're still fat' shock and so the SS vs not SS balance tipped.

That's my theory anyway for what it's worth!

I think that losing 6st is such an amazing achievment. Also, you've recognised that you don't want to SS anymore and made a powerful decision to go to WW and start to eat in manner that leaves the control with you. Sooner or later, we all have to come off SS and make this transition - you've chosen when your transition happens.

Hope some of this makes sense and good luck.
What a lovely post Soraya thank you. I have to say that today i feel so much better about my decision, having told people and getting a positive response i don't feel like such a failure, if you know what i mean. Yes i am sure its my body's way of saying ok enoughs enough lets get back to normality, going to try new recipes today which i am excited about, trying to embrace healthy food and not be frightened to eat agian.

Love Busy xx
I think that is a really sensible decision and is something I have been considering, I want to loose another stone before I start on management but that will still leave me about a stone and a half "over weight". I will do management as I think it is key to keeping the weight off but have said I will probably join a local weight watchers or maybe rosemary connelly to help me maintain and shift the last stone or so.

Not definately doing it just considering it.

Masses and masses of luck with your continuing weight loss journey - a six stone loss is amazing!