Made a yummy Stuffed Pepper dish today

I was just trying to use things up at lunch time & ended up making a yummy lunch :)

Peppers halfed & de-seeded
Spray with frylight & roast on a hot oven for 10 mins
Meenwhile, in a wok I fryed off mushrooms, onion, garlic, sliced sugar snap peas & some fresh cherry tomatoes.
Then when Peppers were ready, I lined then with a slice of Bernard Matthews Turkey Ham, spooned the vegi filling, topped with another slice of ham & finally topped with thiny sliced Babybel lights

Result - totally yummy!!

Bernard Matthews Turkey ham is 1syn on a red day per 100g - well I only used 2 slices per pepper so you get a decent amont - & babybel lights were taken from my Hea.
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