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Made it through day 1!!!


Addicted to Minimins!
After a couple of non starters and feeling pretty low i managed to get thrugh day 1 with no cheating!! :D It was touch and go for a while, what with the family tucking into garlic chicken kiev and BBQ Pringles and the fact that i had a had a headache i was thinking of eating - but i gritted my teeth had a couple of headache tabs and headed off to bed for an early night.
Woke up thismorning feeling really pleased with myself but am REALLY hungry thismorning and feel really lethargic. Just sitting down to my first shake of the day and will be glugging the :tear_drop: again today!
I have to say that my new smoothie maker makes the Vanilla shakes up really thick and yummy! :D
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Wow, extra points for starting on a saturday! Good girl!

You can do it - NO, you WILL do it right???
Is it just me but.......

Well done Rayven for not giving in!

I find that I'm ok alday, but it's the evenings I find hard and when I'm in bed trying to get to sleep.

I just keep thinking in my head....'I've got to do this' 'I've got to do this'......then......'What happens if I can't....what will I do?!' My angel and devil in my head are starting to annoy me now!!!!

A huge well done Rayven - just hang on in there for a few more days and it'll be plain sailing (well, almost!).

Baby steps Rayven and you'll get through this. :)


Addicted to Minimins!
Thanks! I'm feeling really positive today. Its nearly midday and I've had one shake and nearly done 2L of water already!
Have a bit of a challenge thisafternoon though as I'm taking the girls to the 'fun fort' which is a huge indoor childrens play area, but the thing is its part of a pub/resteraunt (haven't spelt that right! lol) and the kids are going to have something to eat while they're there, which will probably mean chips! Am determined to stick with it today - but i'll let you know how i got on later. xx
Am determined to stick with it today - but i'll let you know how i got on later. xx
No buts ... you WILL get through it! :)
Im on day four of starting CD attempt number 2......... when i start getting cravings i keep thinking of the day i can shop in place like mango!! its certainly helping me get through those moments!! we'll do this!! soon have our before and after pictures on here!!! well done getting through day one! keep going!! xx
Sounds like a challenge so the best thing to do is rise to it!

When i'm tempted I just think about how bad it feels when you let temptation get the better of you, and how good it feels when you can wake up in the morning knowing you've been good and will get something good out of it.

Chin up and keep smilin sweety



Addicted to Minimins!
Made it through thisafternoon without cheating! YAY!!!

Well done! Thats so brilliant :D You should be soooooooooo proud :p



Addicted to Minimins!
The kids sat and ate chicken nuggets and chips and i sat nursing my bottled water. I think the hardest part was not drinking anything alcoholic though!

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