Made the Carrot and Beetroot soup from the mag..


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I eventually found some time to make the Carrot and Beetroot soup from this month's mag.

I had to improvise a bit because I didn't have any VLF fromage frais and I wasn't going to Asda just for that, so I pushed some VLF cottage cheese with chives through a sieve and used that instead lol.

I have to say that this soup looked disgusting! Of course, it's got beetroot in it so the soup was a lovely shade of PINK! My 3 yr old thought pink soup was a great idea even though she wouldn't try it. It actually tasted REALLY nice. I love beetroot anyway, but the soup had quite a sweet taste to it. I had two bowls full :D

I even force fed some to my other half. I didn't tell him what was in it because I knew he wouldn't try it, I didn't even let him see what colour it was LOL. But he liked it too. Then he saw the colour and said he was glad he'd not seen what colour it was before he tried it, it looks gross.

But, anyone who likes beetroot, give this soup a try, it's really yummy.
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I was thinking about making it in the week, so will have a go on your recommendation! I made the goulash from the mag last night and was a bit worried that it may be a bit bland, but it was very tasty indeed. Long, slow cooking worked a treat, and I added a few mushrooms for extra bulk.


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Thanks. I was fancying giving this a go, but haven't been brave enough yet!


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Glad it's nice, I've got all the ingredients, just need to get myself going to make it!!

Lisa x
I made the soup and unfortunately didn't enjoy it (I think I brain really wanted it to be carrot and coriander :eek:), but I really need to try the goulash, it sounds yummy!!




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I made this yesterday too - i didn't have any leeks and stuck in spring onions instead but stuck to the rest (used vecon - not chicken bovril) - was really nice, but only managed 1/2 a bowl (got flu so not eating much)

Froze the rest and saved myself a pot in fridge for today:)


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ooo I have half a packet of beetroot left over from making the risotto, normally I throw it in the bin but fancy the soup. I don't have the book, can somone give me the basic outline of the recipe and I'll just make it up as I go!!