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Hello all cambridge followers

I have just returned from an introduction visit with my fab counseller, I have all the leafets and the forms for my GP (appt booked for Monday) I am starting CD on 6th Jan and can't wait, but thought now wasn't really the best time!!

After trying everything except a VLCD and my Dr refusing the surgery option, I have read many post on here and researched on the internet and am ready to start this journey.

My counseller was really welcoming and very informative - I haven't felt so positive and focussed about a healthy eating plan before.

Just thought I'd introduce myself as I know I will be on here much more in the new year!

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Welcome to CD and great that your CDC is fab.
My CDC is lovely and i feel she has been a fab support throughout. I saw my CDC four weeks before starting CD and felt like my Hols in August were my Last Supper, i too, would wait until after Xmas and have a determined start after the New Year. Good on you.
You have set the same goal as me, but i am at the end now ( 1 lb away) and will miss this forum when i stop logging in, but when i read posts like yours, i so want to linger a little longer and follow the progress of others, who are as determined as i was / am.
I joined a thread which ran from month to month and that team have been my best online support buddies . One of them started at 229lbs and is at 164 lbs (only 10 lbs to go for her ) as of today. It is one fab diet.
Good luck and wishing you all the best.

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Hi Angel and welcome :welcome:

You're right to be excited about CD, Nibbles is right it really is a fabulous diet. I found CD after trying everything else and getting stuck after losing a stone or two, with CD I am still losing consistently which no other diet has ever been able to offer me, ever.

Our stats our reasonably similar (I'm guessing we're the same age too if the 1974 in your name refers to your birth year). If you ever need a buddy just pm me.

Very best of luck with it, have a fab Christmas and know that you can say hello to 2009 as being the year where you actually reach your goal weight! xx

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Hi Angel!

Just wanted to welcome you to these wonderful boards! I would highly recommend you check out the Inspiration Slide Show (you can find it on the blue tabs above) if you haven't already done so! This is achievable!


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Hello Angel welcome to CD and to minimins. It really is a great diet and a fab forum to make getting to goal weight a reality. I was 17 stone in the summer and I have just lost over 3 and a half stone. Hope to have lost 4 by Christmas. Have a fab Christmas and see you here in the New Year