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Maintaining ketosis while cheating

Although 95% of the time I can stick to SS, we do have quite a busy social life that tends to focus on meals. Ay best I can probably cut the need to eat socially to 2-3 times per month. I believe the Atkins diet works in a similar way as CD, i.e. inducing mild ketosis by eliminating carbohydrates. If I stick to Atkins guidelines when I do "cheat" will I stay in ketosis?
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Anything from a pizza to a slice of lemon in your drink will bring you out of ketosis!

Its only mild when doing 790 or above, and that just means its easier to come out of it!

If your doing ss then your completely in ketosis and you will still be brought straight back out of it.

Sorry hun!
That doesn't make sense though, or you'd come out of ketosis every time you do an AAM week. The booklet I was given by my CDC for my doctor says that Sole Source induces "mild ketosis".

And the Atkins diet also works by inducing ketosis: "The purpose of the Atkins diet is to change one�s metabolism and lose weight easily by eating foods high in protein and limiting foods high in carbohydrates, which tend to raise blood sugar levels the most. The diet works on the principle of ketosis � the process by which excess, stored body fat (the body�s secondary energy source) is burned, resulting in weight loss."

Clearly pizza contains loads of carbs so eating that would bring you out of ketosis, but I don't think your claim that if you eat anything but SS it will bring you straight out of ketosis is backed up by evidence (is it?)
Thats what i have been told! its mild ketosis when doing aamw cuz u dnt eat any carbs. ive only been doin it for 3 weeks so im no guru!

im sure a CDC will be along soon to tell u a bit more!
Hi, when i had my bouts of weakness on SS i did stay in ketosis but this was because i was eating chicken or other low carb foods which didnt have much carb content in it.


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In theory you can eat low carb food and stay in ketosis as both diets are ketotic (although the diets are in no other way similar!)

The problem is though at a psychological level that eating while on SS in many many cases makes it very hard to get back onto SS which results in never finishing the diet.

Thanks - that makes sense. Well, I'll be doing it this weekend so I guess I'll find out if I fall off the wagon big style or manage to climb back on on Sunday. I can't imagine how it could possibly be harder than the first time (famous last words...)


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Hi Thin Lizzy. I have been ill for the past 2 weeks, and just waiting on results of blood tests.

This is only MY experience (as everyone is different) for the past few days ALL I have eaten is a small bowl of porridge (made with milk) and 2 slices of wholewheat dry toast. Whne the queasiness has become too much I have eaten rich tea biscuits, which someone from here suggested. No formula at all and havnt been able to stomach anywhere near the full quota of water. According to my Ketosticks - I am still fat burning (no idea what thats all about!) As far as I was led to believe, if you ate along the lines of what is allowed during AAMW, it would keep you in ketosis, but slow the loss down as you were eating more calories, i.e, chew on a breast of chicken with green and white veg.

When I had friends over and for me it wasnt an AAMW, thats what I would eat.
In theory you can eat low carb food and stay in ketosis as both diets are ketotic (although the diets are in no other way similar!)

The problem is though at a psychological level that eating while on SS in many many cases makes it very hard to get back onto SS which results in never finishing the diet.

Yes I think thats the main problem, Im doing my own version of 790/1000 I dont have any carb loaded food and eat one atkins type of meal a day and tut tut I drink perfectly clear water by the litre, Im still in ketosis and it works very well for me granted I dont have much to loose and it would be quicker if I did things by the book. I know this isnt by any means reccomended but I cannot SS and I cannot live off steamed chicken and veg :rolleyes:


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Drinking alcohol while on SS and having no carb in your body can be potentially very bad for you. I know people do but if you check your book you will see that it is a big no no



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Tsk ... laughing! Give you an inch and you want a mile lol!

As you already know, you cheeky devil.... Booze is a MEGA HUGE ABSOLUTE CATEGORICAL NO NO..

Nice try..
Hi Thin Lizzie,

Believe me, the easiest time that you do this is the first time. I've broken every rule in the book, which is why instead of getting to goal, I've just but 3 stone back on.

Have you broke the diet yet? Cos if you haven't I would seriously think about just trying not to break the diet. Honestly, like Mike says...once you taste food...or learn that you can stay in Ketosis by having the occasional atkins style meal, your brain will try and persuade you every evening how 'just a little' will be ok. Honestly it is the start of a slippery slope...which I slide down regularly.

Also, you can drink alcohol (like MIke said - not recommended) spirits and diet coke should keep you in Ketosis... and as you are dehydrated the next day, you may even lose weight, however...what do you want when you've had alcohol...if you are like me...it's a curry or a kebab...and then the next day...when hung over...what do you want? Anything to comfort.

I'm not saying that it isn't possible to cheat and still get to goal, because it probably is if you set yourself goals and structure. But I promise you, it's the ones that do not cheat that get to their goal and it's the perpetual rule breakers (ME) that keep seeing people pass me on their way to goal.

But...for what it's worth, thats my advice...stick with it and allow your social life to suffer for a couple of months and then, once you are at goal you can party all you like!! Of course, I don't follow my own advice, but I'd be thin if I did, LOL :doh:

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