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Hi I am really excited about this diet as I really feel it could be the way forward for me. I am currently on Lighterlife at mo this will be my 3rd time, I do well get to 10 stone but cannot maintain I am just incapable of eating a restricted diet every day counting calories points etcetera. I'm an all or nothing kind of person I can either eat everything or nothing so am hoping this diet will allow me to stay slim this time otherwise I think I'm just doomed to being fat :(. Are any of you successfully maintaining on here would be great to hear from you if so :)
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Hi wannabslimmer

I did Lighter Life last year and lost three stone. Nothing else has worked for me. Since I stopped it I've tried weightwatchers and slimming world and rosemary conley but I lose a bit and then can't keep it up. I'm like you - all or nothing. I've only been on this for a week and a bit but I'm loving it so far. I'm still trying to lose though but I'm sure it would work for maintaining as well. I lost 9lbs in my first week - which was the same amount I lost on my first week on Lighter Life. I'll keep you posted on how it goes and hopefully you'll decide to join us!

Juls x
Although I have maintained on juddd (I would be if I hadn't fallen off the wagon grrr!) it is designed for both weight loss and maintenance as you just up your calories on the down day as you lose weight until you are on a 50% down day for maintenance, so it suits a maintenance plan really well.

Good luck hunni x
Thankyou for your replies, Sounds like you are both doing really well. I just cant wait to shift this weight and start. I too have done all those other diets and they are just not realistic for me, I can stick to them for a period of time but that's it. I plan to finish the foundation part 13 weeks to go then move onto this. looking forward to joining you all soon :eek:
I'm a true convert to this way of eating as I went from 10st 11 (151 lbs) to 9 st 1 (127 lbs) in about 5 months. Unlike most other diets, the last few pounds came off as easily as the first few. I can walk uphill without puffing and blowing and I feel great. I can wear things that I thought I'd have to give away! The maintenance seems to be easy.. just continue to limit yourself a bit on Down-ish Days and remember that if you overdo it on an Up-Day, you can reverse the damage by being a bit more strict with yourself the next day. It's taught me that my weight really is in my hands and no-one else's and it's been a lesson well worth learning. Good luck and success to everyone!
Sorry for slow response... been a busy time! Am maintaining weight ok still despite me thinking that I must have put some on. I just continue having down day type lunches most days - omelette with salad/big heap of veg with spicey/chilli tomatoes and eat whatever's going in the evening. Stuck to fruit - one or two pieces with low-fat yogurt for breakfast. Do weigh myself regularly and will return to proper up /down days if I spot an increase that isn't just a fluctuation. Planning on slipping a one or two down days into the mix around Christmas /New Year just to counteract all those mince pies etc. I drink white wine (ok, I'm in Greece, it's retsina!) daily, so I'm pretty amazed that I've not really put anything on since I hit that target. Good luck to all Juddd-ers & hope it produces the results you're all after!
Just thought I'd look in and post something encouraging for anyone wondering if the weight goes back on after reaching target and relaxing the regime. In my case, it hasn't... have been eating (sometimes like a real pig!) and drinking wine, without giving it much thought, since I last logged on and my weight has varied only by about 4 or 5 pounds over the last year. I do weigh myself regularly but I can best tell by my clothes still fitting fine. Maybe Dr Johnson's 'skinny gene' theory does hold water? Who knows? All I know is that it seemed to work for me and it was definitely worth making the effort. Hope all those battling see the same result in the end.

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