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Maintenance advice needed! struggling....

Hi all

Well, i've just changed my ticker as although i'm not visiting my CDC every week now I thought I would still weigh in at home every Friday and update my ticker accordingly.

This week i've put on 1 1/2 pounds:eek: but i'm still 1/2 pound under target so thats okay.

The problem i've got is that i can feel myself being pulled into the danger zone. I just can't seem to incorporate any treats into my eating without them setting me off on a binge (although a much smaller binge than pre-CD but a binge all the same!)

For example, yesterday i was good all day right up until after my dinner. I then had a small amount of icecream which led to a small pack of maltesers, a chocolate Freddo, a chocolate wafer and another ice-cream in bed!

This morning I had a couple of slices of toast (I haven't really eaten any bread for months) which then led to a huge bag of cheesy wotsits.:eek:

Why can't i just have one of something and enjoy it? Is this pattern going to be with me forever?

Any advice? Feeling really disappointed in myself:cry:
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Firstly i have to say well done on getting to target! Your pics look absolutely amazing!!!
I have the same problem with one treat leading to another. Instead of having a treat everyay and therefore leading to lots of treats everyday, why don't you limit yourself to having a treat on the weekend?? If you're really healthy during the week then having a few things at the weekend won't be so bad.



Addicted to Minimins!
S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Feeling really disappointed in myself:cry:
You have absolutely nothing to feel disappointed about!! You've done amazingly well and are an inspiration to everyone doing this diet! So STOP BEING SILLY!!!! There! You've been told!! lol

Deb G

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These are obviously your trigger foods - and they are high carb (ice cream/toast) which led to the other carbs being eaten (choc/cheesy wotsits etc). How about trying a low carb / low GI way of eating for a couple of weeks and see how you cope with that.
My aim this week was to be very careful Monday to Friday and then have a few treats at the weekend but somehow i didn't make it!

I've got a low GI/carb recipe book so perhaps I'll have a proper look through that later and have a go with some recipes next week.

I'm not sure whether this sore throat and cold is making it worse - perhaps I'm feeling abit under the weather and looking to food to cheer myself up like in the "old days"?


Addicted to Minimins!
S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Its always harder when you're feeling poorly. Try not to beat yourself up about it too much - look on it as a blip and start a fresh. Hope you feel a bit more positive soon. xx
have you spoken to icemoose about it hun? i reckon it could be worth a pm! you worked out your BMR and stuff like that?
If i were you i'd make a list of treats you are allowed anytime - like fruit, then things you are allowed a few times a week - bread/packet of crisps, then things you are allowed once a week only - booze,pizza.....

Still can't believe your piccy honey, yummy munny indeed xxx
Thanks for the advice girls.

I have now eaten a small bag of maltesers, a mini choc roll and almost an entire pack of cadburys chocolate fingers:cry::cry::cry:

I'm going out now to try and stop myself eating! Going to reflect on the situation this evening and try to work out what is going on in my head!!!:confused:
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Haven't really got anything helpful to say but had to post as you are in no way shape or form a failure. Look at what you have achieved and the inspiration you have been to others. Please please don't be too hard on yourself. We all know that maintenance is probably the hardest part of the journey and a process of trial and error - it will take time for you to find the right balance. I did read a post somewhere, I think it was LL where they talk about identifying your trigger foods - ie, the kind of things that when you eat them they then lead to more and more - that may be what is happening for you at the moment.

I've bought a stock of bars so if I get the choccy urge I have 1 of them!


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A stock of bars what a great idea. I too can never seem to stop at one and find its best not to start. All over Christmas I was good and did my AAMW then on NEW YEARS Day I ate some Italian cake but could not stop at one slice and quickly gulped down another when no one was around. Maybe I need hypnotherapy (grin)
JJJ, Maintenaince doesnt happen over night, I regained a stone before I took stock again, so we need to work out what works for you.

What plan are you following to stabalise your weight. Have you looked at weight loss resources, a fab website that does your calorie counting?? If not then get straight on to it now, its brill.

The thing is, when we get to target, many dont study as much as they did on the diet, but it needs to be done, this is long term work, but gets easier over time. Have a pop on the maintence section and ask for help over there, there are some of us (and better than me!!) that can give some great advice, start up a thread, and lets see what we can do to help.

Address it now, before you lose the plot, unlike me that dig my heels in and now have 10lbs to lose again!!

You can do it hun, I know you can, just ask for help.

Thanks everyone for your helpful posts. I went out and am pleased to say i haven't had anything else except for a chocolate wafer at my Mum's house. Really fancy some pasta so am going to have that tonight and get it out of my system so to speak - tomorrow is another day!!

I have been on the weight loss resources website for around 6 weeks and I agree its fantastic - it really helped me to shift my last 7 pounds. I haven't filled in my food diary yesterday or today coz I know I will be thousands over but I shall use wlr again as it really helps.

I'll have a look in the maintenance section - didnt realise there was one actually! Only ever come in here!

I suppose once you get to goal you feel such a pressure to stay slim! I am terrified of regaining but that doesn't seem to stop me going off the rails now and again.


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