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Maintenance Programme for Weight loss

Hi Everyone !

i'm new to this and i just started on the maintenance programme on tuesday gone, 12th October.

i'm 5ft"3" and I weigh 9st12lbs since giving birth to my son a year ago. Before pregnancy I was 8st, so desperate to lose the weight and get back into at least some of my clothes :jelous:

So I started on the maintenance programme 5 days ago, though instead of the norm, i'm have 3 products a day, with no food.

Does anyone know what kind of weight I can expect to lose per week?? I'm due for a weigh in on Tuesday and can't wait !!:p I've been doing so well, i'm not hungry at all. But I don't feel like i've lost anything significant yet (maybe i'm hoping for too much in the first week ! ) :rolleyes:

also, I think the whole diet tastes nice . But a battery whisk for the handbag is essential !!
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umm i really don't know.. but good luck with it! if your only have the 3 products a day could you not then just do the full LT program rather than the maintenance? it works out at over a stone per month.. your bmi has to be over 25 thou.. so i'm not sure were u are? but if its working for you then great.. :D keep it up!
no my bmi just below the level for TFR . It is what i wanted to do but they couldn't let me unless i put on a tiny bit of weight first ! (not my aim!):sigh:

Can't believe i've survived this long... and the 1st day was the worst by a long shot. Hopefully i'll continue to find it as easy until i reach my goals.

Thanks missy3!:)
well done thats brilliant x
Well done camsmom!!.. Great loss x x
Thanks SlimmerSu !

I'm delighted, though was away last night with hubby and had few drinks and a pasta dinner ........ i'll stay away from the scales for a few days !!
Hi Camsmom.. are you still doing weightloss through maintenance? How are you gettting on?
Hi DellyBelly,

Yes, i'm still doing it , and doing ok ! i've only 3 kg left to go. But my weight loss has slowed down a lot and i'm finding it disheartening :-(

How can i kick start it again ??

Are you on Total food replacement one ? Would love to do that but can't get it from pharmacy as i don't qualify.
Hi Camsmom.

I'm on day 4 of the refeed week at the minute. I still have lots to lose and was considering the mainteance plan to continue to lose weight as I found I was really struggling with the tfr!

I wouldnt worry too much about your weightloss slowing down as you get closer to your target, at least you're still losing. I have a friend who has been trying to lose 9lbs for the past six months on WW and is getting no where!

Are you drinking lots of water? Its bound to help.
I would recommend this diet to anyone, i mean, i did lost over a stone in only a few weeks, and i honestly did not find it hard.

If you're after coming off the TFR then you'll find it a breeze, and some of the shakes are really nice, and i like the caramel bar too for a bit of munching ! lol

i'm drinking lots and lots of water, as much as my body can handle, i think i probably need to do some dreaded exercise at this point if i want to speed things up a bit.


I'm a greedy pig
i need to lose some weight. i am 7 pounds medically overweight[ie i need to lose weight to help my liver function test results] but i would love to get down to a bmi of 20

my bmi is currently 24-26[depending on the time of day, scales etc] .was wondering if somebody could join Lipotrim to do lose weight through Lipotrim maintainance if they have never being on Lipotrim
sorry for barging in
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Hi there ,

Yes I reached my goal weight ! And it took me about 6 weeks . I was very happy with it , however since then I have continued to maintain my weight by following the Weight Watchers programme as I believe its far healthier ( and I like having my sweet things !)

Good luck !

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