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Maintenance Programme

Have been seriously thinking about starting Lipotrim. Finally plucked up the courage to go down to the chemist and they told me I cant go on the full programme, I would have to do the maintenance one. I feel gutted after reading all the threads, I really related to the struggles and stories.
With the full programme I feel like I would have more control. At least if I was on it for 2-3 weeks. I am 5ft 8 and 12st 7lbs which brings my BMI roughly to about 26. My ideal weight would be 10st even.
Has anyone else encountered this problem? :cry:
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The programme is recommended for people in the obese section...

Admittedly I wasnt when i started but I was close to it..

Most chemists wont give LT to any one just in the over weight section... And you are not over weight by very much...

Im sorry they havent let you start.. But maybe you could try the maintenance programme? most people after LT who are refeeding (which is very similar to the maintenance programme still lose weight on it!


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Hi Peaches, i went straight onto the maintenance programme last thursday after not having much luck at all with the LT one. I have lost 7lbs in my first week. I have been having two of the maintenance shakes throughout the day (just mixed with water not milk) then one small meal in the evening. This is working really well for me try giving it a go yo uwill definitely lose something everyweek if you stick to it...good luck


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hi JoJo, did you lose 7lbs on the maintenance programme?

if so thats really good :)


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Hi purple angel - yeah I did! I just couldnt cope with the no eating at all from the LT. So I bought the LT maintenance packs instead. It has really worked for me, I just make the mousses into milkshakes with water. I have one for breakfast and one for lunch and a small meal at night, I am hoping the weight will keep coming off!

Your wl is amazing! 2 stone in 2 months you go girl!!!


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hey My BMI is almost 25 and my chemist still gives me packs? It was 34 I think when I started but I have been off it alot since then. Went back 2 weeks ago bmi was 26ish I think and they had no problem. Maybe you could go to another chemist and try? Maybe knock an inch off your height :) xx


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I don't know if that'll work- unless you scrunch down when they're measuring you! LOL!
Some do seem to be a LOT stricter than others when allowing you to do LT.

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