Maintenance question


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For those of you who have maintained with weightlossresources - does it help you know how much of what types of foods you should be aiming to eat e.g. what percentage of cabohydrates and protein and fats etc? I don't want to use up my free trial just yet but I am curious as to whether it helps you with the types of food you eat rather than just counting calories.

Thanks in advance
Hi i cant help you there.But we just bought the big book off there site calories fat and carb book and my husband is doing meal plans ready for when he goes on to food.You can check what calories intake you should be having.We paid 9.99 for the book.
If I remember rightly (don't use it anymore), you need to click on the nutritional report and it will tell you your target percentage and your actual percentage.

I think the default is set at 55% carbs, 15% protein and 30% fat.

You can change it to whatever you want, but that is what the goverment guidelines are I think.
Thanks for your replies. I have just ordered that book off Amazon. Also, do you know if WLR tells you how much fibre you should be eating a day?