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Maintenance ?????????


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Celebrity slim was only introduced to the UK in January and i think last year for Ireland, most of the people on here have only been on the diet since around january onwards so its quite difficult to find someone who has lost 50lbs in that space of time.

If i was you i would definitely pop in to some rowlands pharmacys near you if you can as most staff in there seem to have tried the diet and lost around 30lbs +.

Become a member on Celebrity Slim and ask the question on their forum as there are alot of people on there who have gone through the maintenance phase and have lost 50lbs.
thats bull :)

its been in uk since last year


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Celebrity Slim is a calorie reduction diet, just like SW, WW, CD, LT, LL, Atkins, et al.

They all have their own ways of doing it, but unless you reduce calories, you don't lose weight.

As for maintenance...well, that's entirely up to the goalie what they do ;) If they eat sensibly with an appropriate level of portion control and move more, then it doesn't matter what diet they used to get to goal, they will maintain it.

Maintenance has little to do with how you get to goal, and more to do with what you do after that.
thanks KD

since you reached goal , have you more found it easy ish ???

im a 291lbs 6"2 man and at the min i have back pains , i think its to do with carry too much weight

ideally id like to go running , jogging , cycling , walking etc

but cant because of the pain in my back , i have got it checked out and been told its just posture and weight etc

so if i get to goal i know id be alot more determined mentally and more active physically to stay around that level

its just losing 1 or 2lbs is demoralising when you have 60lbs to lose


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thanks KD

since you reached goal , have you more found it easy ish ???
I've found it 'interesting' :D At the beginning, I found it quite tough as I've spent a lifetime dieting (on and off :rolleyes:) so actually maintaining a new weight was a totally new concept for me :D

It's certainly become much easier as time has gone on :)

its just losing 1 or 2lbs is demoralising when you have 60lbs to lose
I think if you are going for a slower weightloss diet then it needs to be less about the weight loss and more about the new lifestyle. Concentrating on eating less and moving more (if possible), and less on watching the weight go down.

If your main motivation is seeing the scales move, it'll feel like one heck of a long journey. But if you can view it as 'this is how I live now', then you can enjoy life and the weight loss is the icing on the cake :)

Does that make sense to you?
yeah it makes sense

id just like to see the scales go down more than 1lb a week after busting a gut in the gym

i plan on doing cs to lose 5 stone or there abouts and then evaluate my carb intake and food habits

i mean i may put a 7lb barrier to go either up and down

if i find it difficult i can do this again for a few days and not months like at first


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Don't worry about maintenance just yet. It's another step. There's no reason why you wont be able to maintain, regardless of diet, if that's what you want.

I think your primary concern is about getting the weight off in the first place.

A diet will only work if you can do it. If you are going for the slow loss, then it needs to be a diet you're are happy with. One that feels easy to do, or you wont stick to it.

It's all pros and cons. I did it the fast way with CD. The motivation stayed because the weight went down quick. Others prefer a slower reduction, because they find the diet easy, so it's no big deal. They can manage on what they eat without it being too much of a trial...and hey, the weight goes down bit by bit while they are doing it :clap:

If you are finding the diet a PIA, and you are getting a slow loss, it's going to be tough to do long term.

So, if you want to keep with CS, you need to be looking for the positives with that way of eating to keep you going. If you can't find enough then maybe you need another diet.

BTW, why does your sidebar say you are doing WW if you are doing CS?
instead of thinking you have 60lbs to lose why not try to see it as a stone at a time getting to 14lb of will be a lot esier than 60 then take it 14lb at a time

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