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Maintenence Caramel Bars - High in Calories?


S: 16st7.5lb C: 16st2.5lb G: 13st7lb Loss: 0st5lb(2.16%)
Hi again..... starting to have a look at the re-feed and maintenence sheets etc now in glorious anticipation of re-feed! Headin on hols for a week in June and was gonna have a maintenence caramel bar for brekkie every morn with a coffee made on skimmed milk... but on further inspection there is over 200cals in each bar... is that right?? coz that seems a lot?? A special K bar etc only have 90 calories??? Maybe im missing something obvious here?? Thanks! :D
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Hi Hun,

Yep they are quite high in calories but they are like a meal.

I still use them as they are so handy and they keep you full up for ages xx


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Yep, i really like them but don't buy them because of the cost. I sometimes have a tesco meal replacement bar (dont go using these untill you're out of refeed tho) and they are 215-220 calories.

Yep the cals can seem high but they are a meal replacement so they should be. A special k bar shouldnt be a meal replacement.

A bowl of cereal will probably work out near enough, maybe a little less than a meal bar calorie wise. A 30g serving of special k cereal with 125ml of s.skimmed milk is 171 calories.

In my opinion a 30g serving of cereal isnt enough to keep me going but if it is for you then theres no reason why you couldnt have a cereal instead of a meal bar but not untill after you've completed the refeed programme - you've got to follow it to the letter for atleast a week :D xx


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Hiya Loz!

I am using the products since I completely re-feed.. like Summergurl said, that small amount of cereal just isnt enough for me and I would end up having more and need a bit of something sweet on top etc... and the milk would hurt my belly! LOL! I have been using the LT/Asda/Tesco bars as right now they suit me (post-op) and its the hardest meal of the day to be sensible with with so much going on.. i just cant decide on what I want, let alone what i should have!! They are SO filling. The supermarket bars are HUGE, I am full after one and I have it with a really big mug of black tea and its become my routine.. the raspberry one is lush.. but then the choc is yum too! LOL! .. Yes the cals are above 200 but this is more than enough to keep me going until 3pm.. and a SPecial K diet bar wouldnt keep me going healthily every single day....
I am doing this version of my own 'diet' and was gonna come back to LT/Exante but now I am losing still (I have lost another 7lb!! WHOPPEE!!) I am not so sure.. I may carry on and buy the supermarket bars and see how I go. that way I am not denying my food, dont get any bad habits creep in and I dont have to worry about losing my hair!! (big worry of mine!).... you can get 6 bars for £3.50!! Absolute bargain - they are as enjoyable for me as a bar of dairy milk and I was a big choc fan!!.. I then have 2 careful meals to look forward to, along with a couple of snacks if I fancy (which include naughties) and I am still losing weight.. !!
Wish I had found them ages ago! I have also bought a couple of tubs of their shake formula to trial when I am 2 weeks post surgery... still allowed to eat so its not tfr.. I figure just ONE replacement a day and 2 meals could keep me well in check!

good luck hun!! wont be long now :)) xx


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I'm the same the caramel bars are delicious. I have one for breakfast with coffee and one for lunch and then a healthy salad for dinner in the evening.
My chemist here in Ireland sells them for 19.50 euro for a pack of seven (2 bars are supposed to be free) when I visit a relatives in the north of Ireland I can get the seven pack for 11.25 so I stock up.
I did the same prior to refeed - I planned it thoroughly. Good for you. ;)


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I use the tesco ones too for mornings when I'm at work (2 a week) as I'm out the house by 7am and that's too early for me to eat. I only like the raspberry ones tho.

When I'm home I normally have porridge with fruit for breakfast, ive found that if I have cereal then I'm hungry again in a couple of hours where as with the bars or porridge I don't feel hungry for a good 4 hours.

Good luck x x


S: 16st7.5lb C: 16st2.5lb G: 13st7lb Loss: 0st5lb(2.16%)
Thanks a mil for all the replies! That's why i love this forum the advice is just brill.... summergurl im doin re-feed for two weeks and sticking to that by the letter, have printed off your re-feed sheet tanx!, then im headin to Menorca for a week and was lookin for a handy option for brekkie.... so sounds like the caramel bars are a winner... thats fab coz they'll be dead easy to pack and i wont have the worry of what to have for breakfast etc and i had one in my hand in my pharmacy last week and they weigh a ton! so sounds like they'll defo fill you up! ..... Donna and Lisa when you say Tesco bars... what are they called??? Exante bars are out for me coz they dont deliver to Ireland...... thanks again guys! x


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S: 14st11lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 2st4lb(15.46%)
Tesco ultraslim meal replacement bars. :) x x


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Hi all!
Im re feeding today, Iv done 2 weeks of the LT, lost 8 pound in week 1 and 2 pound this week - I just cannot do the TFR anymore, i found it so hard... Im now down to 12stone 2pound, I would b thrilled if I lost another stone but cant do it on the TFR, will I lose weight on the maintenance?? I was planning on doing the maintenance for a few weeks??? :)


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S: 19st6lb C: 11st6lb Loss: 8st0lb(41.18%)
If you are strict with yourself and stick to 1meal (low carb, high protein) and 2meal replacement shakes a day then yes you will but it will be alot slower than tfr.

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