Age 52, weight 25 stone. Counting calories, goal 20 stone

Thanks Ria for visiting my thread and congrats on losing so much this year. You and Gonna are great inspirations to me, in a few months I could be where you are -- 50lbs down!

Have either of you any more tips for me regarding low cal tasty convenience food?

Also, I am going to Sheffield foe 2 nights soon. It's about 5 hours travel each way and I wonder what to take for food on the trains. Of course I don't eat wheat. There is a kettle in my hotel room, so i am thinking cup-a-soups for breakfasts, but i won't have a fridge so wonder what i can take by way of protein. Or indeed any other food that does not need a fridge. I wonder how long babybels keep out of the fridge?

I will be going out for dinner in restaurants, probably. Or buy a 'picnic' meal at a supermarket and eat in my room.

I might go to the pool today and while there might weigh myself. I cannot have scales at home because I get obsessed and weigh 10 times a day even in the middle of the night.

I am proud that my first 7 days averaged at 1300 cals a day. I feel all right on this diet, yet still have a craving to feel really, really stuffed. Not feeling stuffed feels odd and slightly disconcerting and unsettling.
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The only convenience foods i have contain wheat, things like noodles.
Also, I am going to Sheffield foe 2 nights soon.

ooh you're coming to my neck of the woods then :) in the centre of sheffield theres a huge swimming pool called ponds forge which is open from 6am-10pm for lane swimming, i know you love your swimming, so if you ahve time then this is always an option!

1350 cals a day is pretty damn good, i know what you mean about how strange it is not to feel stuffed, i didnt realise how much i was eating just for the sake of eating. anyways, good luck with getting weighed, and keep at it, you're doing great!
Hey hun, hows is it going? x
Hello Queenie and Gonna

I wonder if I will be able to persuade my friend in Sheffield to take me swimming? I guess he will only if he wants to swim himself. I will ask him.

I've been so-so- with the diet. Discovering that I have lost NO WEIGHT came as a blow and made me feel despondent.

Friday night I phoned for a chinese delivery god help me. Bloody great plus had 2 pancake rolls left over for the next day.

I've been on more calories the whole weekend -- around 2000 a day. Had a lot of chocolate unfortunately. But still on the diet food ie chilled calorie counted meals and cup a soups.

Boyfriend staying the weekend the little bugger bought himself six baguettes so I ended up eating one even though I DON'T EAT WHEAT I was just pigging and I didn't even enjoy it.

Today is another day. Started with chicken salad.

The Kraft light caesar dressing tastes exactly like cold sick and so after eating one portion, it's now in the bin. What a waste. So I am now putting olive oil and lemon juice on my salad instead. Ideally I'd like to train myself to go without the oil.

I wonder how many cals the oil is adding to my salad????
Hi nice to see you around. There are 120 calories in 1 tablespoon of olive oil (ouch!!) what about having it with just the lemon juice? Im not keen on the Kraft stuff either but I prefer mine plain or with a tablespoon of extra light salad cream (30cals)
I can't have the Kraft caeser dressing so haven't tried it, but their light balsamic one is good :)
Or even just use balsamic vinegar?
Have you ever considered the cambridge diet it has some chocolate bar meal replacements that are yummy plus is low carb my son has insulin resistance and is 25stone and has been advised to do low carb not low fat. He is starting lipotrim on Saturday im already on it.
The reson he is starting lipotrim not cambridge is because it is cheaper but it doesnt have as many choices and it doesnt have the chocolate bars some are chewy some are not they are very yummy. I know someone who has come of it now who has 2 meals and a bar for lunch to avoid chocolate ps Im a choca holic So whemn *I get my lipotrim I only get the choc flavour this may seem wrong but works for me. My son needs encouragement I hope he comes on here to he really wants to lose it