Age 52, weight 25 stone. Counting calories, goal 20 stone

Sounds good hun, yeah I dont tend to ''waste'' my calories on things like choc that is not going to fill me up but in fact fuel my hunger lol! and if I have a ready meal I try to bulk it right up with loads of veg and then finish with a low fat yogurt and then thats it I know my meal is over x
I am startled by what has happened today!

I had my home made soup with chicken, 250c, and then for lunch a cup a soup plus a WW mousse, 200c.

Then I went crazy! I ate TWO Tesco hotpots, 200c each! That's 400c!

I wasn't even hungry! I just felt like having that "totally stuffed" feeling.

And then I had a chocolate costing 60c and a babybel 40c!

So far today had 950c, and it's only 3pm!

Help! Only leaves 250 before bedtime!

I just need to stop eating till my b/f arrives at 6.30 I am certain he will think of something to take my mind entirely off food <snigger>.
I have had 700 calories, dont worry!! why are you just sticking to 1200? that is very ridgid hun! I will have up to 1600 if I feel I need to then its less likely I will feel too restricted and raid the fridge, I am happy if I have 1500 or less. Sounds like you are eating out of habit, which WILL get easier with wont just change overnight, its like a drug addict or an alcoholic apart from we cant go t-total as you need food to survive lol so its all about self control x
Thanks Gonna.

1200 because I am at this moment really, really fired up to lose some, and I want to lose it fast before my enthusiasm wanes!

Also, now I am sick of being 25 stone I just want to get on with losing ASAP, and ALSO I am flying to Switzerland 28 June (5 weeks time) and desperately want to fit in the plane seat! I have 69 inch hips!

At this precise moment I feel in desperate NEED of loads of food, yet I know I cannot be GENUINELY hungry, as I've had loads.

It's my mouth and my emotions, I KNOW that. Boy what a struggle it is this moment NOT to run to the shop that is just one minute's waddle away and buy the biggest bar of creamy delicious Milka Swiss chocolate!!!!


AND worse than that I am starting to fantasize about having a big plate of fish and chips tonight.


{Gonna, I am really UNLUCKY because I have the world's BEST fish and chip shop, curry house and Chinese all within 2 minutes' walk of my house.}

I might have to go and take a shower then go to bed just to stop myself from leaving the house!

Will someone please come and lock me in!?!?!?!
I'd suggest planning yourself a really healthy but filling meal for tonight, even if it takes you that bit over your 1200 calorie target (fill up on low calorie vegetables). You would probably be better doing that and feeling full than risking being hungry and eating things that aren't going to do you any favours at all, then get back to your normal calorie target in the morning :) It's so hard to get started on, with time you'll find a routine of how to 'spend' your calorie allowance throughout the day, and it will get easier :)

The Kraft salad dressings you mentioned are good- I like the balsamic one (15 calories per tablespoon) and the light French dressing is only 6 calories per tablespoon :)
Thanks Rigs.

I have my dinner already planned - WW ready meal with a bag of microwaveable steamed veg broccoli etc.

But that seems very DULL compared with fried fish n chips, or a huge bar of chocolate.

I am thinking HUGE all the time. My brain has suddenly rebelled and realised what I have been doing to it, depriving it of the comfort it has always found in overeating. And it's fighting me! It's demanding comfort from food. Even though I have nothing to need comforting about (happy life, no stress, a man I love coming to visit me tonight and will, as always, make me feel like the most beautiful princess in the world...)

Grr! What is this emotional eating about? What's so great about feeling stuffed full anyway? Why do I enjoy it so much? Why can't empty and rumbling feel as good as stuffed to bursting?
Those microwave bags of veg are so handy :)

Totally know where you're coming from with wanting to eat more, it does get easier with time though and the "I've lost x lbs!"/"my jeans are so much looser!"/"I've eaten really well today!" feelings really will spur you on :)
Looking on the bright side, though ....

better to binge on the diet food I have in the house (for example those two ready meals I had for lunch were only 200 cals each and the mini Milky Ways are about 70 each) than the way I USED to binge, on very high fat high calorie food plus a 100g bar of choc with 500+ cals.
Absolutely :) Even small changes are worthwhile but you've already made some really big changes, and that takes a while for your body and mind to get used to, so be proud of yourself :)
I agree with is better to plan a big healthier meal than risk getting starving and cramming loads of junk food me I know how hard it is....nobody loves fish and chips and choc to follow more than me I could just eat some lol and it did take a while to fight those nasty cravings! I used to have them 2+ times a week as well as loads of other takeaways....And now I have been 20 weeks without 1 takeaway for me that is unheard of! and now I feel so so proud and wont touch one if fear of I get addicted again. I have a healthy spag bol on as we speak, very filling :) dont do it! just FIGHT those cravings and do anything to distract yourself like having a nice shower and low fat hot choc and have an early night, think about how great you will feel in the morning knowing you resisted!
Oh no this is getting serious!

I just ate 3 Ryvita with butter (OMG) and cheese (OMG) that were left over from before I started the diet, then while stuffing those down I put two pork chops on to cook.

I should really have taken that shower and gone to bed!

This MUST NOT happen again!
*hugs* tomorrow is another day but I really dont think you have blown it today, the best way to handle it is to draw a line under it and start again. Hope you dont mind me posting so much on your journal :eek:
Gonna, it's an honour to have a successful dieter such as youself post on my journal!
How did it go last night? x
Well I took my b/f to bed at 7pm so I was safely away from all foods for the rest of the evening and burned off a few cals as well <snigger>

Although yesterday was bad (2000 cals plus) when you tot up all the calories I have had over 5 days and divide it by five the average is only 1300. So that's OK then isn't it?

Just having a fruit tea and an apple and vitamin pills for breakfast, prior to aquafit. However, I just checked the rota and find the pool is closed for schools 10 till 12, and I cannot go then, as I have an appt at 1pm. I should have gone earlier.

Yesterday taught me lessons.

1. Ate first meal too early.

2. (possibly) Had too much soup, thus stretching my tummy and making my body expect more food later on.

3. When I got the craving, I should have either gone to the pool or had a shower and gone to bed, anything to stop me from eating more

4. It's not the end of the world if I go crazy and have 2,000 once a week.

Oh and BTW, I DIDN'T eat the two pork chops. I would have done, but I simply ran out of time as my b/f was on his way and I needed to get a shower before he arrived. So they are now cooked and in the fridge. IF I cut off all the fat I could chop them into a soup.

I also forgot to say that about 9pm I had terrible stomach pains followed by explosive, watery diarrheoa. My guess is, the butter on the Ryvita was off (it's old and had been left out of the fridge for two weeks). Although it was unpleasant at the time and caused a haitus in proceedings, I felt nicely "cleaned out" afterwards, a lovely, empty feeling, as though my earlier "food sins" have left no evidence.
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I agree having 2000 calories once or even twice per week is fine :) good luck for today

Butternut squash soup into which 2 x pork chops fat cut off (? cals estimate at 350)

Three mini Milky Ways (whoops!) 210

Muller Yoghurt 100

Prawns and salad. Truly horrible without mayo! 250

Diet Dr Pepper 0

Tesco moussaka 230

Cup a soup with a tablespoon of sweetcorn 150

total for day 1290
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WooHoo well done! :D
Having read the whole of your diary i just wanted to say well done for taking this step! the first week or so is the hardest but as mentioned it get easier once you see the weight coming off!

hey desperate, sounds like you're doing well so far. try not to beat yourself up about going over your calories so much, you're doing amazingly and i read somewhere that increasing your caloruies some days helps your metabolism not to slow down, so it might even help with the weightloss in the long run :)

hope everythings going well! x