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Major Dilemma People, Help!!

Well we (my friend and me) went to pick up the grooms brother this morning at the airport and as I had never seen him before in my life it was a bit of a dilemma in finding him. However he knew what I looked like which was a bit annoying as I thought once he seen me he would turn back and fly back out again. Anyways while standing the queue waiting for him to come out I couldn't help noticing this guy coming out and thinking "wow he's a bit of hot tottie, the way he was dressed, just everything about him really and when he passed he give a wink and of course I went as red as a beetroot" but he looked nothing like the OH at all so I knew it wasn't him but hey no harm in looking and checking out the merchandise, the ring ain't on the finger yet, guys look at women all the time too!!:D Anyways after everyone came trailing out I was beginning to think he had missed his plane so rang the OH and he told me he was there as he contacted him as soon as he landed. So anyways my mate went out for a smoke and I kept waiting as I thought he may have been stuck with immigration so sat down and waited. Anyways in the meantime this guy that I saw earlier was walking towards me and I am thinking gosh I dont really need this right now and he started chatting to me, asked me who I was waiting on and told him I was looking for the OH's brother, the wedding. He said the OH was very luck to have me.....awww. We chatted for about 20 mins until my friend came back and then he said he had to go. This guy was gorgeous but he had the most beautiful brown smouldering eyes, (same as the OH which attracted me to him in the first place) he was hot. He wore a gorgeous armani suit, omg if I was single I would have hit on him!! Anyways still waiting on the future brother in law to come out. After ringing the OH again he told me that his brother was watching me and has played a trick on me which I passed with flying colours so I was going where he is? Well omg...omg he was the guy that I was chatting too. I could have killed him, he looked nothing like the OH at all which didnt make me suspicious one bit!! omg there was defintely an instant attraction and thank god for my friend being there as it was a 2 hours drive back to my home. At least she could keep him talking, if I had have been on my own with him it would have been a quiet journey. I was really embarassed and thank god he sat in the back seat of the car, if he had have got in the front I would have been "wet" just thinking about him.....lmao :8855:

Anyways got home and he decides to go for a shower, now this is just too much too handle, rather he is taking the p*** with this situation I dont know but wow this guy was pretty fit in all expects of his body!! Ya wouldn't kick him out of bed for snoring thats for sure! I had to get my friend to stay while he is here for 3 days, I dont trust myself....lmao

I dont know what I am going to do at the wedding...lmao. I dont think the OH has anything to worry about, he is a gem and hes gorgeous too but talking about a bit of temptation. :D
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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
hahahaha!!! no harm in looking hun!!!! ;)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
You need to plan some payback for that one!!!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
i'll get me thinking cap on! :)
He must be good!! :8855:
I knew ya would pick up on that one....lmao. Omg he was more than good, I just hope on the wedding night I will be thinking about the OH and not him.....lol
hahaha uve just made me laugh so much everyone is looking at me in work thinkin ive lost the plot!!!!!!

Fab hun x
I can laugh now but gosh I was so embarassed, still am. I will have to find him a woman to keep my mind off things.


I will be skinny again!!!

Get a picture of him!!! lol!!

Are you more attracted to him than your OH??

I dont know what to suggest!! Pretend you have an eye infection and were a mask for the duration of his stay??? lol
No I love the oh to bits but gosh wasnt expecting him at all. They are not like each other at all. Its hilarious now thinking about it but I could kill the pair of them for playing their trick on me.
it wasnt me

lol jus messin
Glad to see everyone having a laugh at my expense....pmsl. He is still a sight for sore eyes..
lol, how funny!! Imagine if you had not have passed his test!!

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