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Make the biscuit monster go away!!

ommm - how many did you eat missy? x


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Place them in a plastic bag and put them in the toilet cystern. If you still want them in half an hour then you deserve them!


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Ewww thats ming!

I ended up spraying them with kitchen spray and throwing them in the bin!


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Good for you.

Nanny Jax

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I have just the one sentence to say, or should i say book! what the blinking Nora Batty, were they doing in your environment? (I only used that word to see if I could spell) I hope it was'nt that Mr Lurrrveee man, who bought them for you? if it was you will have to poke him in the eye the next time the lights go down in the cinema, yeah thats a great idea, make sure you do it on the night he takes you to see Sex in the City....LOL
lol - well twos worse than one but better than three, four, five and so on - so it could've been worse!! Oh the lengths we go to to resist temptation! x
Aw louise. I hate it when food starts talking to me. My dad had some friends from work coming over the other day and we got a few cakes and buns. My main enemy was a jelly cake. It was always my fav. its just a plain cake covered in jam and coconut. when I came home that night there was still some left. It was saying some awful bad bad things to me. So it got fairy liquid squirted on it.
I So understand - I thought I was the only person who could have conversations with myself about food. I think two biscuits is remarkably restrained - I would probably have eaten the lot.
Hope Biscuit monster has gone away for Bank Holiday Weekend
best thing for biscuit restraint is dont have biscuits in the house. one of the reasons im doing better this time round is that now ive moved away from my parents i can control the food in the house, and whatever i say goes as far as the bf is concerned


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I wld do so much better if I didn't have to feed my hubby & kids lol. Having said that they don't complain when I feed them SW food not that they'd know the difference. Hubby insists on choccie bickies & crisps in the house tho. It's proving difficult to hide the mullerlights from them all!!!
Thanks for understanding guys. It's just I've had a mad week and haven't had chance to go shopping (I've got no bread / milk / fruit / yogurts at mo).

The biscuits were in the cupboard as I bought them for when the girlys came over for a cup of tea and a gossip.

It's weird, I thought I was winning the battle with food, but just goes to show, when I let my guard down the food monster is still there ready to strike!!
totally understand what you mean, i have conversations with food all the time, well really the food talks to me and tries to pull me in. I've gotta make sure I've got nothing in that I can cheat with or I hear voices all day lol


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It's my friends birthday tomorrow and she is celebrating tonight. We are supposed to be going out to dinner but I have told her that I will join them after in the pub as I know that if I go out to dinner with them I will eat too much and I have already been bad this week!

Luckily we have no biscuits in the house!
thats what i call willpower, my friends are all out today for a drink but I've said no cause was out last night and want to have a few tomorrow, its just not fair cause they're all skinny minnies


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I know what you mean. It seems that all those who eat badly all the time are thin as rakes and I put on half a stone by just walking past BK!

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