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make up !!! never put it on before HELP!!!!

this is going to sound strange but i have never worn make up apart from a mascara and maybe a bit of nivea lip gloss....thats it, i have a rosey cheeks greeny eyes and have no idea where to start i dont want to go into a make up shop as i wont have a clue what to ask for..
the reason i need to wear some is im going forward to woman of the year regional/area finals and would just like to be special
any ideas please;)
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Wow hun! well done on getting so far :D

well i, like you only really wear mascara and lipgloss. since i'm so pale, i look like i've been punched in the face if i add anything else LOL. i find that what makes the main difference between me looking normal and me looking fantastic is how i'm doing my hair. are you having your hair differently? also what are you going to be wearing hun? makes it easier to suggest things that way :)
oh, eternalflame has a point, i forgot you can go to places like debenhams and get a free make-over :D
If you have a Bobbi Brown counter in a shop near you, they are a good choice for very natural looking makeup. (However, their makeup is not cheap - no use falling in love with stuff you can't afford!)

You can look for BB counters here:

This page is interesting too
Bobbi Brown UK

You might want to check out other manufacturers' websites too, to see what ideas they have.

Going for a makeover is an excellent idea, but you must tell them before they start on you that you aren't used to wearing makeup and that you don't want them to go overboard. You won't feel comfortable if you aren't happy with the look - you need to look like a better version of yourself, not like someone else.
Benefit counters do this too and if you buy 2 products you then get offered a make up lesson where they do half your face and you do the other half. They do even you up though before you leave!
thanks for all thhose tips, i did get my hair trimmed up yesterday but as its short already not alot can be done... trying to grow out a cut i had about 9 months ago which was horrible so bad i wore a hat for a week :(:cry:
anyway i dont want to feel "made up" if you know what i mean just special, i dont think i could handle all that foundation, matt gloss powder. creams emmm what else lol
and yes i think i have an outfit well i think i have i heed a really pale blue glossy bag to finish it off i think :)
so much is happening at the moment my life will never be the same again....thank goodness
hi hun
I go on you tube to watch make up tuts they are great. but with it being a special education why don't you go to beauty salon and have them apply it before you go you can get it for 15 if you look around or a college for free or you could pop into a department store and have a free make over before you go. a treat for you for doing so well
You know, I have been having another think about this, and I am wondering if maybe we haven't been giving you the right advice here.

A friend of mine never wears any makeup and has long straight hair. When she was planning her wedding she had several attempts at getting made up by experts, and having her hair put up, to see what looked best. In the end she got married with her hair loose and no makeup at all and she looked beautiful. She decided just to be herself.

Now that approach is not for everyone, of course. Lots of us like the fuss and fiddle of getting made up for a big occasion. But it sounds to me as if you don't, and won't feel comfortable with it.

This is not a beauty competition you are going in for. What SW will want to see is the real you, and hear your story. They are not going to be judging you for your lipstick! If you get to be a finalist and go to the Woman of the Year event in Birmingham (I will be in the audience, so wave!!!) then I think that there will be people on hand to advise about hair and makeup.

Meanwhile, perhaps you should just go as you are, and let the real you shine through.

Good luck, whatever you decide.
Avisk, i think your right hun, afterall ive managed for 50 years and i love your comment about not judging fro lippie :) made me smile
and if i manage to get to the final(emm thats a bit of a big IF) i will wave for sure
i take it your a consultant are you??
au naturale - best way forward ;)

sticking to what you know is the best option, and just pamper yourself in other ways - have your nails done, or have a long relaxing bath with some candles, then treat your skin to a body scrub or something (there are some really nice things you can pick up from lush, my fave is a soap bar called buffy that you just rub over wet skin and it leaves you feeling so amazing its indescribable!) before a quick rinse :)

and i'm not joking with this one, but this is before i realised vaseline never mixes with anything... i tried mixing it with vimto to make my own lip gloss kinda thing (i was 9, spare me! :eek:) but obv it didn't work...! however, you could try something like this (that i have found works beautifully!) : if you put any mascara/blusher/anything pinky on, just dab any excess off your finger (i don't use brushes much but when i do, i'll just dab the extra on to my finger) and onto your lips... gives you a lovely simple tint :) just make sure you do the lip-rub thing after, so the colour evens out :)

take care lovely xxxxxxx
Avisk, i think your right hun, afterall ive managed for 50 years and i love your comment about not judging fro lippie :) made me smile
and if i manage to get to the final(emm thats a bit of a big IF) i will wave for sure
i take it your a consultant are you??
No, I am not a consultant, but my sister is and she takes me and her daughter to the big Birmingham event each year. We laugh and cheer, and cry when we all sing "You'll Never Walk Alone", and ogle the waiters and the other young men they have there, and have too much to drink, and dance till we drop, then wander back to our hotel. It is all very cheesy and silly and over the top, and great fun!!

I really hope that you get there. But if not, getting this far is still a fantastic achievement, and you should be very proud of yourself.